Interpretation of dream books: why dream of the moon

The interpretation of what the moon dreams about in the sky is especially interesting for women. After all, this celestial body symbolizes its inner world and thoughts.

ABC interpretation of dreams

A clear moon - to mutual feelings, the emergence of favorable circumstances.

The moon disappears behind the clouds - to health problems, quarrels or disagreements.

Full moon - you are waiting for a marriage proposal.

East Dream

Full moon - to mutual love, a successful ending of the cases started.

The growing moon - to cash wins, bonuses, successful investments.

The decreasing month - to waste and losses.

Red moon - to quarrels and unpleasant conversations.

New Dream Book 1918

Growing moon - to cash profit.

The full moon foreshadows serious changes, including dangerous ones, the red moon - to unsuccessful purchases and misfortunes, deterioration of financial condition.

If an unmarried girl saw the moon - to the proposal of the hand and heart.

English dream book

This source is extremely positive interprets what the dream of the moon.To see the moon - to the appearance of the second half. New moon - success in monetary and heartfelt affairs.

Love Dream

Full moon - get ready for a resounding success. You are also lucky in love.

The young moon - to a successful marriage with a wealthy man.

The moon of an unusual color advises you to be more careful with your beloved. Avoid quarrels, rash actions and words, so as not to scare your soul mate.

Family Dream

See the full moon - you will succeed in heart affairs and at work.

Big moon - love affair will leave behind an unpleasant aftertaste. There may be confusion, frustration and misunderstanding with family.

Lunar eclipse - pay attention to health: serious diseases are possible.

The young moon - to increase wages, changes in the financial condition for the better, meeting a lover.

A woman looking at the moon - a wedding with a good man is coming soon.

See at once two moons - a quarrel and parting with your beloved because of your vested interests.

The moon in the fog - be prudent and tactful so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.

Modern dream book

This dream book explains in its own way what the full moon dreams about. To see it means a promotion at work, cash bonuses and other financial investments in your wallet.

The moon has an unusual color - quarrels and quarrels with a loved one, problems in business.

Eclipse of the moon - trouble will visit your home and bring discord.

The young moon - to improve the financial situation, a successful marriage.

The dull moon - your talkativeness and harshness will negatively affect your destiny.

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