Interlaken is a great place for your vacation.

Switzerland itself is an amazing country, but if you want to enjoy it to the full, be sure to visit Interlaken! And so that the trip will be remembered, make your route and plan in advance!

What kind of place is it?

Interlaken is a city-commune located in Switzerland, namely in the canton of Bern. It is part of the eponymous district, and its population is only slightly more than 5 thousand people. This cozy quiet place, which, by the way, is considered one of the best resorts of the Bernese Highland and all of Switzerland, is located between two lakes: Brienz and Thun.

A bit of history

The history of the town begins with the construction of the monastery, which was built in 1130 and received huge privileges from the third emperor Conrad. And since this structure was located between two lakes, it was given the name “Inter lacus”, which translates as “between lakes”. Then it was transformed into Interlaken, and this is how they decided to name the city.By the way, later the monastery became a hospital for the mentally ill.


To get to Interlaken itself, you first need to make a flight to one of the nearby Swiss cities, for example, to Geneva or Zurich, then transfer to the train. The town has two main stations: Interlaken West and Interlaken Ost. The international bus to the resort can be reached from Rome, Florence, Munich or Paris.

Tourists settled in hotels can travel around the city for free, using the services of public transport. But for this you need to have a guest card with you.

Where to stay?

In Interlaken, there are a variety of hotels for every taste and purse. Among them are both hostels or hostels, which are the best option for budget tourists and young people, as well as comfortable hotels, working on the system "all inclusive". The cost of living may be different. So, in a four-star hotel room costs about 130-150 Swiss francs, in budget hotels for a day will have to pay from 40-50, and a place in the hostel will cost about 10-30 Swiss francs per person, and this is quite acceptable.

There are also camping sites: on the shores of Lake Thun (prices per day are approximately 6.5-7 Swiss francs), on the Aare river.


The climate of Interlaken, like almost the entire country, belongs to the moderate continental and is considered to be rather mild. From a cyclone, anticyclone and cold, or, on the contrary, excessively warm air masses, this place is protected by mountains, so there is almost no strong wind here.

Precipitation is moderate, most of them fall in the summer. The summer period is mild and comfortable, not hot: the temperature at night can drop to 12-13 degrees Celsius, but during the day it usually does not rise above 25-27 degrees. The winter here is also quite mild: the temperature varies between -5-5 degrees.

What to do here?

What to do on vacation in the town of Interlaken? There are plenty of entertainment options, and for almost every taste:

  • In winter, try to conquer the mountain peaks and try out the ski track, because Interlaken is a famous winter ski resort, so there are a lot of slopes.
  • Try your hand at watersports, such as boating or yachting, or fishing.
  • In the summer, you can go around the resort and make a fascinating and exciting paragliding or hang-glider flight.And if you want, and in the absence of fear, you can jump with a parachute.
  • Take an exciting bike ride, combine business with pleasure: burn a few hundred calories and enjoy the stunning views.
  • Extreme sports such as rafting and climbing are also available.
  • Be sure to enjoy the beauty of the two lakes, between which the town is located. And in the summer the water temperature in them rises to 20 degrees and higher, so you can quite swim and cheer up.
  • Attention deserve and various excursions. So, from Interlaken you can go to the lakes of Brienz and Thun, to Harder Kulm, to the Jungfrau mountains and to many other interesting places. And most of the excursions are one-day, so you will not get tired too much and will be able to see the resort and some of its surroundings in a short time.
  • Follow the Golden Pass panoramic route to enjoy the views of the resort itself and its surroundings, such as the Jungfrau.

What is interesting in this city?

What to see in Interlaken?

  • The Augustinian monastery itself, which marked the beginning of the history of the city, has not been preserved, but its ruins can be found in the central park of Interlaken.
  • Not far from Interlaken, there is a small town Unterseen, in which there is a parish church decorated in the Gothic style.
  • Listing the sights should be included in the list of the most popular and the caves of St. Beatus. This unique creation of nature is located in the rocks of Niderhorn at a depth of more than five hundred meters underground. They are formed from granite and limestone and look incredibly powerful.
  • Harder Kulm. From this place there are stunning views of the two lakes, as well as the powerful and beautiful Alps.
  • World Secrets Park (Mystery Park). Here you can solve several world riddles.
  • Kurzaal is a large entertainment complex.
  • Park "Höheweg" is also an interesting place.

What to buy and bring as a gift?

If you decide to go shopping, you can make the following purchases:

  • Real penknives of such well-known companies around the world as “Victorinox” or “Wenger Swiss Army”. By the way, in some shops you can make any engraving completely free of charge. So this is a great memory of the town!
  • Do you like chocolate and everything that is associated with it? There are a lot of pastry shops in Interlaken, and in each you can taste the legendary Swiss delicacy, which cannot be compared with any other similar one.Although such chocolate is, of course, not cheap, but it is worth spending money on it.
  • Of course, you must buy a Swiss watch. And in their homeland, they are somewhat cheaper, so you can afford a simple model.
  • If you want to bring gifts to family and friends, then go to one of the souvenir shops, there are an incredible number of them! Local masters will surprise you with their talents.


Switzerland is a country famous for its cuisine. And special attention is given to Swiss cheeses, which will conquer any gourmet. In Switzerland, many are engaged in agriculture, so that the main and popular dishes are dairy products, meat, and vegetables.

Actively used and cereals. In general, all dishes do not differ in complexity (but after all all ingenious is simple, and this applies to the national cuisine to the full), but they are mouth-watering and very satisfying. If you list the most beloved porters and popular dishes, then you can call such as fondue, raclette, Rösti, Geschnetzeltes, Brivurst and Brauvurst. A sweet tooth will certainly be able to appreciate the local desserts, the chefs treat them with special trepidation.

Incredible travel to you!

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