Interesting ideas for a winter photo shoot

Winter is an incredibly beautiful and simply magical time of year. And this means that you can make a lot of amazing photos! We offer you a few ideas for a winter photo shoot.

How to decide on an idea?

To dwell on a particular idea, decide what you want and expect from the photos. For example, if you need gorgeous photos in which you are seductive and chic, then get ready for the difficulties, because looking stunning in winter clothes on the street is unlikely. We'll have to undress a little and get cold. If you want to see bright and funny photos, then relax, have fun and have fun.

But you can focus on the stunning beauty of winter nature and its features. In this case, you will have to choose a suitable place in which the greatness of winter will be especially noticeable, bright and fabulous. In general, decide and choose from the options.

Several variants

We offer you interesting ideas for a winter photo shoot.

Good New Year spirit

For a child

New Year is a long-awaited family holiday, the anticipation of which raises the spirits and makes us happy in the winter frosts.

Important points of preparation:

  • A place. This photo session is best done in a prepared studio, in a house (of course, best in wood) or, in extreme cases, in your own apartment.
  • Attributes: decorated Christmas tree, beautifully packaged gifts, cups of fragrant tea, sweets, toys, bright pillows, tinsel, garlands and other winter New Year's “things”.
  • Clothing. If you want to make individual photos, you can wear a beautiful and feminine dress. If the entire family is photographed, it is better to choose cozy clothes: knitted sweaters, jeans or trousers, woolen socks and so on. It will be great if the clothes of all family members are designed in the same color range. But you can choose bright and multi-colored things, it will look bright and festive.
  • Posture. At the New Year's photo shoot the most important thing is looseness and naturalness, because the New Year is a happy holiday. You can lie on the sofa or sit on it.Family members should certainly hug and show each other their tender feelings.
  • Makeup. It must be natural and natural.

Real winter


Remember those times when people used to wear boots and coats and made winter festivals? Try a dip at the time and show it in the photo.

  • Places. It is best to take photos in the woods or near some hut or wooden house.
  • Clothing. Put on something simple, so that the clothes look like the one worn by our grandfathers and grandmothers. This may be a simple fur coat or sheepskin coat. Shod best boots. Wear a woolen shawl on your head, do not forget to wear mittens.
  • Attributes. It will be perfect if you can order a team with horses or at least one horse. It's not easy, but the photos will be amazing! Also fit wooden buckets, yoke, these sleds.
  • Makeup. Naturalness is welcome. And by all means emphasize the blush (although in the cold it is already provided).
  • Posture. Imagine that you are a modest and shy girl from the 50-70s.

Winter fun

This is only possible in winter.

Go for a walk with your children or with your other half and arrange real winter fun! Play snowballs, ride on a sled, blind snowman. In general, enjoy the winter weather and pastime.

  • A place.The usual yard will approach or, for example, park. The most important thing is to have enough space for games.
  • Clothing. Dress comfortably and simply. Bright down jackets or warm winter suits, boots "Lunokhod" or ugg boots will do. And do not forget about the bright hats and scarves, they will make the photo fresh and interesting.
  • Attributes. Nothing much is required. You can grab a sled for a ride and ride on them.
  • Makeup. Forget about it, because after the snow hit the face, the make-up will still get spoiled.
  • Posture. Just have fun and don't think about anything so that the photos are alive. Play snowballs, sculpt snowmen.

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen

Want to try on the image of the real Snow Queen? Be sure to do it in the winter!

  • A place. It is best to go to a deserted place, for example, in the forest.
  • Attributes. A crystal ball in which the Snow Queen will see everything that happens in her domain will look original. You can also use a magic wand, staff and other magic attributes.
  • Clothing. Put on a white or silver dress and a white sheepskin coat over it. On your head, be sure to set up a chic crown (without her, the queen is hard to look like).Train white boots with stilettos.
  • Makeup. It should be cold and magical at the same time. Use white powder, white or blue pearly iridescent shadows and glitter (do not feel sorry for them, because they resemble brilliant snow). Lips covered with white paint or lipstick.
  • Posture. Simply feel yourself a mighty Snow Queen, conjure and enjoy your greatness.

Winter "love story"

Love story

In winter, love is needed more than ever, because it is she who warms in cold evenings.

  • A place. Go to the park or the forest.
  • Attributes. Take a warm blanket with you, a thermos with hot tea and mugs. You can also use ready-made (for example, fabric or plastic) or molded from snow or ice-made hearts. Take them in hand and shoot close-ups.
  • Clothing. Wear down jackets, jeans, bright hats and scarves, as well as bright fluffy mittens.
  • Makeup. Let it be natural and natural. If in the cold your cheeks do not turn red, use blush.
  • Posture. It's all simple. Kiss, cuddle, be fooled, have fun, warm each other, drink tea and just enjoy your feelings.

Power of beauty


If you are brave and cold, you are not afraid, then this option is for you.

  • A place. It is best to go to a deserted place. The ideal option is a forest.
  • Attributes.Use fruits, berries, ice figures.
  • Clothing. Wear a chic, feminine and sexy dress. It will be great if it is bright. Shoe high heels. No more clothes required. The essence of the photo session is that beauty is not afraid of frosts and other vagaries of nature.
  • Accessories. Always put on a necklace or beads, earrings, bracelet. But if your dress is bright and decorated with stones or rhinestones, accessories will not be required.
  • Makeup should be bright and sexy. Underline your eyes with eyeliner or bright shiny shadows. Use lipstick or seductive red lip gloss.
  • Posture. Imagine yourself as a girl from the cover and show all your dignity!

Winter walk


Choose a suitable day and go for a walk.

  • Place can be any. The main thing is to have a lot of snow.
  • Clothing. You can dress simply or choose your best clothes.
  • Attributes are not required.
  • Makeup should be feminine, but not too bright.
  • Posture. Do not pursue any specific goal, just wander aimlessly outside. Enjoy the beautiful winter weather, show how you feel good.Inspect the neighborhood, smile, sit on the benches, touch the branches of trees and snow. You can take a girlfriend for a walk or a second half.

Forest tale

Fairy tale

For smart photos, go to the forest.

  • Clothing. It is better to wear a fur coat or sheepskin coat and shod in comfortable, but elegant boots.
  • Makeup should be natural.
  • Attributes. It will be great if you take a pet with you (you can borrow a dog or a cat from friends). Use cones, fir branches.
  • Posture. Roam the woods and pretend that everything you see surprises and delights you.

Winter picnic

Traditional picnic

  • A place. Go to the forest or to the park.
  • Attributes. Take along bagels, a thermos with tea, jams, pies. And you can take a big samovar. Do not forget about the blanket.
  • Clothing should be simple, but bright and romantic.
  • Makeup can be feminine, but natural.

We can only wish for gorgeous photos.

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