In the web, discussing the sports figure of Britney Spears

Britney Spears posted on Instagram several pictures in a bikini at once, signing: “I couldn’t decide whether to put my hair or dissolve it”. Of course, in the comments everyone was not up to stacking. Subscribers discuss Britney’s sporting figure and admit that she’s a great motivator.

And these are not empty words. British media last week shocked and delighted the story of 30-year-old Lauren from the county of Nottinghamshire. Throughout her life, the girl weighed more than a hundred kilograms and had serious health problems. The only thing that did not let her despair and lock herself in four walls - a love for Britney Spears. Following the idol, she started running at night, and then enrolled in the gym and began to observe the diet. Today, Lauren weighs 63 kilograms and can lead a full life.

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