If you have an aggressive child

You should know and remember that raising your voice or banning are not effective ways to overcome aggression. Only the identification of such causes and their removal can guarantee that aggressiveness will be overcome.

Give your child the opportunity to throw out all his aggression, sending it to a pillow, newspaper or toy. It is also desirable to show the child an example of behavior and, of course, to prove to him his love and the best feelings for him. Feel free to caress or regret it.

Perfectly overcome aggression can help joint games with adults or peers. For example, you can play an interesting game "Bucking" when a child lies on his back and starts kicking, touching the floor with his left or right foot. Gradually, you need to increase the speed and strength. With all this, the child must say the word "no" every time the foot touches the floor.

You can also play Caricature. Discuss with the child you know both of you, ask the child what he likes or doesn’t like about this person, and then offer to draw his portrait.

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