If the astronaut jumps heavily on the moon, what will happen to him

Jumping on the moon: theory and practice

In his memoirs, astronaut Armstrong said that the highest height of his jump during the lunar expedition was two meters. Given the weight of the spacesuit, it all seems logical. What then is obtained? At the moment, the world record for high jumps is 2.45 meters and belongs to Javier Sotomayor (Cuba). If, for example, to send this athlete to the moon, it turns out that he will be able to break away from the surface by 14.7 meters!
However, in reality, the situation may look very different. Having a little thought and having made some simple mathematical calculations, we come to the conclusion that no ordinary person or great athlete can take such incredible heights.If your weight is 70 kg, then on the moon you would weigh only 11.5 kg.
The reason - all the same notorious gravity. Of course, on the moon it is much smaller. Theoretically, on the moon, a person will be able to jump to a height of two to three meters, but after a long period of preparation and without a heavy spacesuit.In addition, you can still get serious injuries. On the moon with a strong impact, the body can begin a chaotic movement. In other words, if you jump on the moon, then there is a high probability that a person will fly not up, but forward or to the side, while also spinning. And only after a long period of training, you can learn to manage your body.
Meanwhile, jumps performed by professional athletes on the moon are simply impossible. There is a certain technique that provides for acceleration and propulsion, which cannot be carried out in extraterrestrial conditions. In the lunar conditions, all his actions will be extremely difficult. Therefore, no matter how hard an athlete tries, nothing will come of it.The movements of the athlete on the moon will be six times slower.

How was it really?

When racing on the moon, the legs move slowly enough and the jumps look like running skipping. It creates the illusion of slow motion. The astronaut's body, dressed in a rather heavy spacesuit, as if is shifted slightly forward so as not to lose balance. When cornering, all his movements are somewhat slow. This can be explained by a small clutch of the sole with the lunar soil.Together with the spacesuit, the astronaut weighs approximately 160-170 kg, on the moon it is about 30 kg.
Until now, disputes about whether the lunar expedition in general or all the episodes were filmed in the pavilions of Hollywood have not abated. Of course, everyone decides for himself what to believe. But the fact remains: if a person ever colonizes the Moon, then without training two meters in height, he will not jump from his place.

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