I would never have thought of using IT for the wrong purpose!

Many drugs, cosmetics and household chemicals have several uses. It would seem that we have nothing to surprise, and not all multifunctional substances are in the house. But not this! Perhaps the biggest surprise in the household!

Most of us use fabric softener only during the wash. But you, most likely, will be surprised when you learn that it can be used for other purposes, for example, as a cleaning agent. In most cases, he copes with this task one hundred percent. And the softener is consumed very economically. Pay attention to these 9 interesting ideas.

1. Window
Mix in an empty bottle conditioner for linen with water in a ratio of 1: 4, apply the product on the napkin and clean the window glass. Then polish with a dry cloth. The window will shine from cleanliness - and no divorces.

2. Doors and tiles
Doors and tiles will shine as before, if they are cleaned with a conditioner diluted with water.

3. Jammed the runner
If a metal or plastic zipper is stuck and walks tightly, wet it with a conditioner for washing clothes.

4. Laminated floors
Spread a small amount of softener for laundry in a bucket of water. Soak the mop in the solution and scrub the floor. Laminate flooring will look like it was only bedded.

5. We remove wool from the carpet
Sponge or cloth dipped in a mixture of softener and water (1: 1), rub the place on the carpet, where there is wool of your pet. Leave for a while. The softener will make the carpet fibers softer and this will facilitate the work of the vacuum cleaner.

6. Old wallpaper
What if the old wallpaper does not come unstuck? Unpuff the cap of the conditioner in a liter of water, apply the product with a sponge to the wallpaper and leave it for 20 minutes. After this wallpaper easily move away from the walls.

7. Leather jacket
If your leather jacket gets dirty, do not rush to use soap for cleaning. The softener will more gently handle this problem.

8. Automotive windows
Clean the glass of the car effortlessly with a conditioner for laundry and water.

9. Car Seats
If a spot appears on the car seat, it can be removed with a softener.Mix it with water, apply the mixture on a sponge and rub it well.

The conditioner for washing clothes is an excellent tool which can become the present assistant in the house.

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