I am pregnant and the test is negative ...

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
May 3, 2011
I am pregnant and the test is negative ...

Tests for determining pregnancy, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, are a fairly reliable method already on the first day of the delay. Women’s reviews also confirm that tests almost never cheat. What happens when I know for sure that I am pregnant and the test is negative?

Indeed, in some cases, tests can give a false result: show 2 stripes when a woman is not expecting a child, or 1 strip, although in reality a woman is pregnant. But there are reasons for this:

  • A pregnancy test may have expired.
  • The test could be damaged due to improper storage.
  • A woman might not have performed the test correctly. Use only morning urine, carefully read the instructions, lower the strip into the urine for a certain time and to the specified level.

If you have a delay or you are pregnant - go to the doctor, especially if the tests all continue to show a negative result! To pull in no case! You risk your health, as this can result in serious inflammatory processes.

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