Huge earrings - the current trend

Accessories are a very important part for creating an image. They are able to make it perfect and bring in a certain "zest". And the earrings in this list play a special role.

Increasingly, world fashion gurus began to pay attention to the size of the jewelry, and this year they have undergone major changes. In place of neat, and often even miniature carnations, large jewelry and jewelery made from large-sized precious metals have come. It looks very extravagant and unusual, but not every woman decides to get such a decor.

We are happy to show you how to combine these decorations with the rest of your bow.

Main emphasis

Big earrings always attract attention, and therefore suitable for girls who are not afraid of a huge number of curious glances. Having decided to stop their choice on them, there are several important factors to consider:

  • shape of the face;
  • size of earlobe;
  • hair length

So, owners of large lobes, it is better to refuse massive decor on the ears.It will be unprofitable to focus on features of appearance, making the lobes even more.

Also, do not experiment with such decorations and girls with delicate skin, which is prone to stretching, because such a desire to follow the fashion can adversely affect the appearance.

Volumetric jewelry looks most advantageous when the neck and ears remain open. Collected hair on the back of the head, hairstyle, raised up, as well as medium-length hair - the most suitable options. The same applies to short haircuts. But not all. If it's a haircut made in a sports style, then the image will not be refined. In this case, the side curls and back tucked back will add femininity.

Those who are accustomed to loose hair, can afford strict geometry - round or diamond-shaped earrings.

As for the shape of the face, women with oval type can wear huge earrings without restrictions. Chubby girls should choose a large jewelry, which has an oblong shape.

Women with a square type of face should prefer round shape. But here it is worth being careful, because it makes the cheeks visually larger.

If you do not want to become like a gypsy, remember that large earrings are a separate accessory, and therefore do not need additional details such as a scarf, necklace, bracelets.

From fashion, standard sets - earrings + bracelet, beads, ring have long left. Now such jewelry is combined with simpler things - nail polish, belt, shoes.

Now let's see how to choose the right accessories for the wardrobe details:

  1. Perfect and a win-win option - a dress with an emphasis on bare shoulders or a light sundress. Such outfits are very fond of stars, as this ensemble looks fashionable and spectacular.
  2. A massive costume jewelry on the ears will easily fit into the casual style if it is a set of chiffon blouse or top with elegant monochrome trousers and boats.
  3. To make the image look harmonious, and you feel comfortable, choose clothes so that the selected accessories do not cling to the collar and do not lie on your shoulders.
  4. It is worth being careful, putting on things with an ornament. In order for the combination to look acceptable, the ornament must be necessarily large.
  5. You can afford things of different texture.They will look great with large accessories, provided that the clothes will not be additional decor.
  6. Earrings with large stones are not suitable for everyday wear. They are better reserved for special, solemn events. It is also worth considering that the outfit in this case should be concise.

A harmonious image is a collection of properly selected things. You should always remember the sense of proportion, and then massive accessories will make your bow attractive and noticeable, giving a special charm and style.

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