What to wear boots with?

Boots - this is the part of the female wardrobe, which, perhaps, will never cease to be fashionable and stylish. Properly selected boots can beautify and add zest along with almost any style of clothing, whether it is business or casual.

Each woman keeps in her wardrobe in service with several pairs of such shoes, while she may not even have an idea about what to wear boots with.

In combination with outerwear, it is easy to choose and wear boots, but it can be difficult to harmonize with other items of clothing. Lacquer black, suede brown, high with decorative buckles, on a wedge, on a platform or with a high heel - this is not a complete variety of boots that is commercially available. Best of all, of course, wear such shoes with skirts, thick dark tights or leggings.

To brown boots

This season's trendy and stylish things include boots with shades of brown. This color is now very popular. If, when buying white or black flowers, it is necessary to correctly place accents in the selection of clothes, so as not to have a very gloomy or very “hospital” look,then with what to wear brown boots, especially not need to think.

However, there are rules that still need to be adhered to in order to choose the right clothes for such shoes. It is necessary to avoid complete monotony and not wear a lot of brown on yourself. A sweater or a tunic with a beautiful low-key ornament or print will save from monotony in such a situation.

Also important will play the right accessories. The bag can be with inserts of any shade of brown - from dark to light beige colors - and will help to look more harmonious.

To high boots

Every thing that you pick up for high boots should be treated with special attention and trembling. Any little thing that is wrong for such shoes can make your look tasteless and sometimes even ridiculous.

Do you have beautiful high boots, with what to wear them then? For such shoes fit short dresses or short skirts. Good-looking dresses with high waists, as well as with the usual.

Very fresh and original look high boots, shod under oval pants or shorts such cut. From outerwear, preference should be given to jackets and knee-length coats.

To ginger boots

Shoes of red color in itself will be a bright accent in your image. With this color it is better not to overdo it, so as not to look too bright and catchy. Simple but unusual combinations in clothes always look stylish. For example, bright red boots will look good with denim shorts and a t-shirt with a print. Add the highlight of a properly selected outerwear, such as a jacket or a red cardigan.

One of the important aspects of the selection of clothes is that the selected things should be the same color, in this case you will not think about what to wear red shoes. Consequently, your image will be in the same color scheme, but due to the combination of different materials it will not merge.

Suede boots

Suede due to its softness makes the style more feminine. If the boots are of medium length or slightly inflated, then they can be worn with jeans that are tapered to the bottom. Classic black pants will look just as good. Short and narrow skirts will also be a good solution. From dresses one should prefer knitted or woolen fabric.

Bought a suede boots? What to wear them with? These boots can be worn in any season,as this type of footwear is very elegant and attractive with almost any kind of clothing.

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