How to use the dipstick

Cool the engine or engine under test to normal temperature. If the oil is expanded, there is a risk of incorrect level determination. Please note that sometimes the instruction provides the opposite - the mechanism is required to warm to the operating temperature.
Remove the dipstick and examine it carefully. There are special marks on the dipstick. These marks indicate the upper and lower levels of the oil. Marks can be made in the form of serifs, curvatures or the most common holes. Based on these labels, you can determine the level of oil.
In most cases, beginners are confused about the readings of the oil level, as they perform this procedure incorrectly. In order to make the measurements correctly, you need to perform all the actions slowly and carefully, always wiping the probe with a soft cloth in between.
Remove the dipstick. In this case, the car engine (or other device) must be in an idle state.The only exceptions are devices where instructions provide the opposite. For example, an automatic gearbox requires metering when the gear is engaged.
You will see that there is some amount of fluid on the dipstick. Wipe the probe with a white cloth or white cloth. This will not only clean the dipstick, but also immediately assess the condition of the oil. The oil remaining on the napkin should be light and not have a burnt smell. Also, the presence of various small dark inclusions is unacceptable.
Now, put a clean dipstick in its place. Wait a few minutes. Remove the dipstick back, but now do it slowly and smoothly. Immediately transfer the dipstick to a horizontal position so that the oil does not have time to drain from it. You see the real oil level in the serviced gear. It must be between the marked marks.

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