How to understand the baby

The child always shows his mother what he needs at the moment, so your task is to be the most empathetic mother, turn on your intuition and listen carefully to the needs of the child.
Starting from the first day of lifebaby, you will get to know him and his method of expressing feelings and desires. Remember that a child never cries just like that - if he cries, it means he is anxious and uncomfortable, and your task is to relieve him of this discomfort. After some time, you can easily determine when a child is crying from hunger, when to change his clothes, and when to feed him.
Determine the cause of baby crying will help you not only intuition, but also the ability to listen to the intonation of the child. For example, crying is demanding and calling when a baby is hungry and demands food. If the child, after eating, fell asleep, it means that the feeling of hunger has disappeared. Avoid stress and do not be nervous - your mood is instantly transferred to the child, and he may experience causeless anxiety.
Learn to talk to your child - talk to him as often as possible, forming an emotional connection, and then follow his reaction. Smile to the baby, and he will smile back at you - this means that he gets pleasure.
A grown-up child at the age of three months can already repeat some actions after you, interacting more closely. Young children perfectly understand everything that happens around them as well as adults, so you should not be embarrassed that for the first one or two years the child does not express his understanding in words that you understand.
To express his emotions and thoughts, the baby uses gestures, facial expressions and sounds, and all this needs to be able to track for proper interaction with the child, and at the heart of this interaction is maternal love and care.

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