How to turn off the microphone?

Sometimes it can happen that the turned on microphone interferes with the work. In this position, users think about how to temporarily or completely turn off the microphone.

Our article describes the most common options for muting the microphone.

Microphone on computer / laptop

In order to disable the microphone on the computer, you can use one of the options:

  • disconnect from the system unit. If you have an external microphone, you can simply disconnect it from the system unit;
  • mixer If you want to use this method, it is necessary to select “Dynamics” - “Mixer” on the toolbar. In the window that opens, pull the lever down or press the speaker and the sound will turn off;
  • sound - play. You can also go to “Start” - “Control Panel” - “Sound”. Here select “Record” and highlight “Microphone”. Next, the "Properties" button will light up, when selected, a tab will appear. Now you need to pay attention to the "Use the device", where you can turn off the microphone by selecting "Do not use the device."Or simply click on the device with the right button and select "Disable". You can also call this window by right-clicking on the loudspeaker sign on the tray and selecting Recording Devices;
  • driver. In case you want to completely disable the microphone on your device, then you need to go to the “Sounds” tab (described above). Then select the Record app and highlight the microphone. Right-click on the microphone icon and select “Properties” - “General” - “Properties” in the drop-down menu. Here use the tab "Driver" - disable.

If you want to turn off the microphone on a laptop, you can use some additional ways:

  • Fn button + mute button. Many modern laptops are equipped with special buttons that allow you to turn off some devices. The microphone is no exception. In order to use this method, you must hold down the microphone off button (depending on your model) and Fn;
  • special application. If during the microphone connection you installed the utility (special driver), you can use it to disconnect the device.To do this, you must start the application and turn off the microphone on the laptop. In addition, there you can adjust the volume;
  • extraction of the microphone. This method is the most risky, since it will be necessary to disassemble a part of the laptop and remove the microphone. This can be done only in rare cases and in specialized service centers.

Next, consider how to turn off the microphone in Skype.

Skype Microphone

If you want to disable the microphone only in Skype, you need to do the following.

  1. Go to Settings by selecting on the Tools panel or by pressing Ctrl +.
  2. Drag the volume slider towards the minimum value and click Save.

If you need to turn on the microphone, you should do the same actions, just drag the slider in the opposite direction.

By selecting one of the options, you can quickly and easily turn off the microphone.

If during the work the microphone stopped working, then it is necessary to find the reason.

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