How to treat a bad tooth in 2018

You will need
  • - Analgin, ketanol, ibuprofen, nurofen or novocaine;
  • - strong alcoholic drink;
  • - ice cubes;
  • - garlic, soda;
  • - horseradish, vodka;
  • - Onion peel, boiling water.
A sick tooth can only be cured by a dentist. But what if there is no possibility to immediately contact him? You can not suffer, but you need to stop the pain. For this there are many popular ways. The tooth will not be cured, but the pain will noticeably decrease. This will give the opportunity to wait for the reception of the dentist.
You can use painkillers sold in pharmacies. The most common ones are: analgin, nurofen, ketanol, ibuprofen. But the pill should not swallow, but put on the tooth and bite. Then the tooth will stop whining faster. This may also include the relief of pain with the help of freezing. In pharmacies you can buy both ampoules and sprays with the content of novocaine, lidocaine or supracaine. Depending on the desired degree of freezing and select the tool.Spray, you can just poke on the aching tooth. If the medicine is in the ampoule, then the upper part of it should be carefully cut off, and the liquid should be poured onto a cotton wool or cotton pad. It is already applied to the tooth.
If there are no pain relievers in the home first-aid kit, and for some reason not to go to the pharmacy, you can relieve the pain with alcohol. No, you should not drink it, but you can rinse the mouth cavity. For rinsing fit only strong drinks - whiskey, brandy, vodka. The pain subsides immediately after the alcohol is absorbed into the gums. To do this, you can simply hold the vodka in your mouth, and then spit it out. Plus, the fact that vodka kills germs.
You can hold a cube of ice on the aching tooth. Scientists have proven that cooling the painful area helps to reduce impulses. As a result of cooling, pain impulses are reduced. And heat, on the contrary, contributes only to the reproduction of microbes in the oral cavity.
Ice cube should be kept no more than 15 minutes, 3-4 times a day. But this method can only reduce pain, and the tooth will still have to be treated.
There are folk methods that help reduce pain.The basis of their most often medicinal herbs and fruits. The best known method is garlic treatment. It is enough for him to take a clove of garlic. Grind it to the state of gruel, add soda to garlic (1 pinch). All this is well mixed. Clean the teeth with the resulting mass, and then rinse the mouth with milk.
Another popular way is horseradish treatment. Horseradish need to grate on a fine grater. Then you should mix the resulting gruel with vodka. You need to mix in a 1 l can in the ratio of 50 to 50. Then the can is closed with a plastic lid and infused for 3 days. Periodically it needs to be shaken. After 3 days, the resulting infusion should be drained and poured into a jar with tinted glasses. The resulting tincture will need to rinse the mouth cavity for 5 minutes, and then spit.
In the treatment of toothache helps onions, or rather its husks. For tincture must be removed from several medium bulbs. Husk pour 250 ml of boiling water and heat. The resulting decoction should rinse your mouth for 15-20 minutes, and then spit it out. After 3 such procedures, the pain should subside.
By postponing a visit to the dentist, you can bring the state to such a stage when the tooth can no longer be cured and you have to remove it.
Helpful advice
All folk remedies are needed to ease the pain. To cure a bad tooth can only be a specialist.

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