How to talk to your boss?

No employee loves when a manager calls to the carpet. On the way to the office in my head one question, why did the chief need me? The conversation with the boss occurs when issuing new tasks or analysis of the work performed. The call to the chief makes even a flawless employee feel nervous and nervous. As a result, the conversation turns out to be confused and unprofessional. Most people behave in the same way with the boss. Why are we shy before the boss and how to talk to the boss to make an impression.

Why there is a barrier between the boss and subordinates?

It’s disgusting to look at when a colleague cannot even bind two words at a meeting, presenting a report to a manager. And where does your bravado go when it comes to you? Stumble, blush, forget to argue what was said with facts and research. You should not assume that you are a strange person. This is the way most subordinates behave and the reason is not the lack of knowledge or inability to communicate.The reason is that the boss and the subordinate think differently, hence the barrier arises.

How to talk to your boss?

The leader takes dozens of decisions daily. Each of them affects the company's profits. Therefore, the nature of the boss and attitude to the case changed. He does not doubt and does not waste time on empty talk. The task of the chief is to issue the assignment to the subordinate, and then demand an intelligible answer. Based on the data obtained to make decisions. Subordinates are not accustomed to this, so thinking is different. To reduce this barrier, try to put yourself in the position of the leader. This is not only a prestigious position and salary increase, but also responsibility.

The chief has a certain period of time allocated for each question, so do not take it away with empty conversations and reports. Data argue and think over possible questions of the authorities. Then between you will develop a professional and productive conversation.

How to talk with the boss?

The main thing is to learn to talk briefly and to the point. Do not take away your working time, colleagues and manager. Do not forget that at work a business conversation is welcome.This does not mean that you have to be a robot that speaks in a metallic voice. Jokes, funny stories are appropriate, if they are told in their free time and do not offend those present.

How to talk to your boss?

How to talk with the boss?

  1. Do not mumble and do not rattle. Imagine that you are a colleague, and not a stern boss. Express thoughts in a consistent, calm and even tone. Many employees, trying to quickly get rid of the conversation with the boss, quickly make a report. As a result, nothing is clear. Another extreme is when a person constantly goes astray, mumbles.

    Before you step over the office of the chief, read your report out loud several times.

  2. Prepare for the conversation. Come to the office of the chief with a notebook and pen to write the instructions of the head. Prepare for the conversation. If the conversation takes place at your initiative: salary increase, improvement of the working process, transfer of duties to another employee, then provide the boss with arguments and benefits why this should be done.
  3. Stay confident. The task of the subordinate is not only to accept tasks and flawlessly carry them out. You have your thoughts on the organization of the process.Share ideas with your boss. If the boss did not understand and did not appreciate, then do not rush to end the conversation. Think about how to influence the opinion of the head. Do not immediately consider yourself a loser, defend your opinion to the end.

Always observe subordination and rules of communication in the office. If it is customary to speak to the boss on "you" and call by name and patronymic, then do not change the rules. The chief is not your closest friend, but the person on whom wages and working conditions depend. Therefore, poking will be inappropriate.

How to talk with the boss of a tyrant?

Not everyone is lucky with an understanding and fair boss. Many employees complain about the boss, who does not appreciate the work of his subordinates, always grumbles, dissatisfied with something. Such a manager can leave overtime at work, report back for a perfect report, raise the voice with all. Such a boss is called a petty tyrant. As a rule, he recently took a management position and a month ago got along well with the team. Correct such a person is impossible, so you need to learn to get along with him at work. How to talk to the chief of the petty tyrant?

How to talk to your boss?

  1. Do not stir up conflict. When you are rude, it is difficult to restrain, I want to give a couple of offensive remarks in response. If the leader is a petty tyrant, the transition to a cry will spoil the situation.It will heat up to the limit, shouting to the truth you will not reach. Remove from the office of the chief under any pretext, wait until the boss cools down, and return to the conversation. This does not mean that you need to silently swallow this attitude. Upon delivery of the assignment, note that they coped with the task and do not have to talk to you, raising your voice.
  2. Connect the imagination. The best way to relieve inner tension is to present the leader in a funny role or situation. If you feel you are boiling and you don’t want to lose your job, then imagine that the boss is wearing a jester costume. Or imagine that everyone is sitting in armchairs in suits, and your boss is in funny pajamas and a sleeping cap. This method helps to relax and let off steam.

    To protect against the wrath of a manager, imagine that there is a wall between you. A strong brick wall blocks off the bad words that the boss cries out.

  3. Pass the test. Look at the situation from the other side. It takes patience to resist and not break when communicating with such a person. Imagine you are undergoing a psychological test. After such a boss, you will be able to find a common language with any leader.Do not forget that any situation brings experience that helps in later life.

How to talk to your boss?

Do not allow the leader to humiliate yourself and do not become a victim. There are employees who take the following tactics: they indulge in self-indulgence, fulfill any demands, rush on the first call. As a result, moving up the career ladder and occupy leadership positions. But working relations with subordinates in such a person do not add up. After all, the team remembers the way the chief's chair was earned.

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