How to store different types of cereals?

At first, many young housewives do not particularly bother about storing cereals, especially since now almost all of them buy it in special packages, and store it in them.

True, from time to time such packs tend to tear, to disperse, after which the whole grain is outside, falling asleep in the locker in which these packs were standing, or completely scattered throughout the kitchen, if at that time the pack was just on the table or in the hands.

In folk style

But this is not the main problem, much more serious - these are bugs that can wind up in various kinds of cereals, and then there is nothing left to do, just to throw out the whole pack, because porridge with insects is not the most pleasant sight.

Since cereals are a very useful and necessary product that should be present in the diet of any person who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, we usually store them in considerable quantities and in various forms: buckwheat, rice, barley, oatmeal, semolina, wheat groats and any other.

But, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of a large space where all this could be placed and placed, because the standard kitchens in our apartments do not allow much to roam.

To avoid all these problems, as well as being known as a good housewife, it is necessary to figure out how to properly store cereal, because it turns out that even for such a thing there are useful recommendations and tips.

Modern design

Surely, many of us remember grandmothers mezzanines and kitchen cabinets, in which whole rows of three-liter bottles filled with different cereals and macaroni were lined up.

In fact, the idea still remains the same, just progress is going forward and containers for storing cereals have somewhat changed and changed, they can be selected in accordance with the decor of their own kitchen, for every taste and color. But which containers are suitable for such purposes is still best? Let's figure it out.

What are the storage tanks for cereals?

  • Metal jars. Of course, they look stylish and high quality, but in such containers there is a minus - they can easily rust, and this will happen not from the ingress of water, but simply, over time.Not only does it look ugly, so also the harmful oxidation processes will be dispelled on your cereals, not adding to it the same beneficial and taste properties, but rather the opposite. Another option is a stainless steel jar, but such containers will most likely greatly facilitate your wallet, which is also not always appropriate.
  • Plastic - quite a convenient and appropriate option, they often have an attractive appearance, and can also boast an important advantage - they are very light, because of which the load on the cabinets is minimal. When there are 10 jars on one shelf, then, you know, this fact will play a significant role, in the literal sense of the word.
  • Glass containers. Probably one of the best and best options. Modern glass jars for cereals have a stylish design, they can vary in price, but if you do not chase brands, you can choose a very worthy option at a very reasonable price. In general, it is believed that ordinary jars with lids can also be used as containers for storing cereals, it’s not for nothing that our grandmothers and mothers did, and in order for them to look beautiful and unusual, they are even decorated with their own hands, which we will talk about later.
  • Ceramic containers.Also an excellent and very stylish option, it is believed that this is the best solution for storing any bulk products.

Naturally, all these containers should have a good airtight lid that will close tightly, leaving no gaps. By the way, in addition to special containers, ordinary linen bags that need to be soaked in brine and then ironed are great for such purposes. You can put the cereal in the bag directly into glass or any other container, so you will definitely forget about bugs and other annoying insects.

Secrets of storing different groats

We figured out the tanks, everyone made their choice, but that's not all. It turns out that in order to keep the cereal as long as possible, and at the same time everything went without bugs, as well as the emergence of unpleasant odors, you need to resort to some tricks.

It turns out that not all cereals are stored equally long.

For example, rice can easily be stored for years, it will have nothing, but buckwheat can be stored for no longer than 20 months. Millet is not a long-lived at all, so that the porridge is tasty, it can be stored for no more than 4 months, otherwise the cereal will then taste bitter and give off an unpleasant smell.Oat flakes also do not last long, optimally for 4-5 months, especially if it is muesli with various additives.

In order to prevent the bugs from getting in the rice, and also he didn’t give off a musty smell, put a pod of hot pepper into the container with it. If there is no pepper, then a few slices of garlic will do, and they do not need to scrape off the upper skin.

Another method that is suitable for all cereals is the use of gauze sachets with salt, which can be put on the bottom of the container. Some housewives put dry bay leaves or lemon zest, which is also very effective.

Sufficiently convenient glass options

It is also necessary to process the locker itself, where there are banks with barley, so that no living creatures start up in it. To do this, simply treat it with vinegar, and then spread the pads soaked in lavender oil. Don't worry, the smell will quickly go away.

Another sure way, the success of which does not depend on what your semolina, buckwheat, rice or oatmeal is stored in, is not to be lazy right after buying the cereal, heat it in the oven, and then sift through a sieve. Another way is to put a bag of cereal in the freezer for a day, then the probability of the appearance of insects is reduced to almost zero.

Decor and beauty

Even the most common bottles can be decorated, for this you need a little imagination and perseverance. It is better, of course, to use rectangular jars, it is easier to assemble them in the locker, as a result of which they take up much less space.

Cute and easy

For each jar, you can come up with a beautiful signature: sign your jar in a figured font on a bright piece of paper, and then paste it onto the container itself. Jars can be pasted over with clippings from old magazines, which depict food and dishes, so they will look more fun and prettier.

Some housewives paste jars with lace, pieces of cloth, use the decoupage technique, but what to say, there are many options, try it yourself, and you will understand that the main thing is desire!

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