How to store cereals?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 29, 2013
How to store cereals?

Cereals make up a large part of the diet of each person. They are not only easy to prepare and taste good, but also very beneficial for the body. But in order to cook a lot of healthy cereals from cereals, you first need to learn how to store them properly. Talk about how to store cereals.

How and where to keep cereals

Cereals should be stored at room temperature and relative humidity of 40-60%. The dark place, for example, the storeroom will be the ideal place for placement of tanks with grain. It is best to place the cereals in a closed glass or metal container. They can also be stored in plastic cans, they should also be tightly closed. It is not necessary to keep the cereal in plastic bags, various insects can easily get there.

The storage time of cereals indicates the manufacturer. But it is better to keep a bag of cereals open at home for no more than a month. Thus, the croup will not have time to spoil and small insects will not occupy it. It is worth remembering that oatmeal and millet deteriorate most rapidly, these groats must be carefully monitored.

Grandma's secrets

Considering the various storage conditions for croup, it is worthwhile to turn to the valuable experience of our grandmothers and ask for advice from them.

  • An interesting fact is that rice is best stored in a glass jar with a pod of red pepper, so it will not lose its taste.

  • After buying any cereal it is better to warm it in the oven and sift through a sieve, so there will be no pests in the cereal.
  • Also, if you want to protect the cereals from insect invasion, you can put a pair of garlic cloves per kilogram of cereals in a container with cereals. The aroma of garlic will scare away unwanted guests.
  • You can also store cereals in linen bags, pre-soaked in saline solution. But these bags then need to be placed in a glass or metal container, otherwise pests can get there.

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