How to sew a belt to the skirt?

Almost all the clothes we call pants or skirts have a belt on top. The belt is an indispensable element because it forms the top of the aforementioned clothing. It should be said that due to the many designers of the belt to the skirts and trousers have received a wide variety. After all, every designer has his own imagination, and wants to stand out. The design of many types of belts is not difficult. That is why it can be made and sewn at home. The article will discuss how to sew a belt to the skirt.

We sew the belt itself

From the very beginning, the belt needs to be done. This will require a piece of cloth and dublerin or friselina. If the necessity of the first element is already intuitively known, then the second is probably not always known. Dublerin or flizelin are used to strengthen the belt, or increase its strength so that the belt can withstand the weight of the skirt or pants. How much fabric is needed? The fabric should have a length equal to the length of the waist, or skirts with a margin of up to 10 cm for curling the edges. The height of the belt in many cases is five centimeters.But the width of our fabric should be twice as much, and also have up to three centimeters of stock. Typically, stock is used for bending and edge processing. As for the additional reinforcing material, its length should be the same as the fabric itself, and the width is one centimeter less.

Process skirt belt

So, it all starts with the process - processing the belt skirt. An additional reinforcing material is taken and superimposed on a strip of fabric. It is applied in such a way that on one side it fits to the edge of the fabric, and on the other hand 1 cm of fabric remains. Further, with the help of an iron, Dublerin is heated and ironed to the fabric. He under the action of heat, literally, will stick to the fabric. After, you need to process the edges of the fabric with a zigzag or overlock. Moreover, the free centimeter of fabric must be bent before it. So, the belt processing is almost complete. Further, our strip of fabric is folded in half and ironed.

We process the top cut of the skirt

After that, you need to do the processing of the upper cut of the skirt. That is, to make its top even. Further processing of the upper cut of the skirt with the belt proceeds to the stage of sewing on the belt.To do this, take a belt and pins attached to the top of the skirt. The part that does not have a bend or in which there was no excess of one centimeter is attached. Next, our belt is sewn. As a result, one side of the belt is sewn to the top of the skirt. It remains to sew another side from the inside. But before that you need to process the edges of the belt. To do this, our belt is again folded in half, but so that dublerin or friselin is outside. Then, the two edges of the belt are sewn in turn. After that our belt turns inside out.

And now the inner side of the belt is sewn to the skirt. Now you know how to sew a belt in a skirt. If the style of the skirt assumes the presence of buttons, then more loops are made and buttons are sewn on. The loops are made as follows. First, cuts are made in the belt a little longer than the diameter of the buttons. After that they are processed by overlock. If you want to make sure that the belt is just without buttons, then you can use special internal loops. They are made of iron and laid one by one. Attached from the inside.

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