How to pickle / pickle caviar of pink salmon, trout, black, red at home

The first recipe for salting pike caviar

In order to salivate pike eggs, you will need, directly, the caviar itself, which must be gutted from the pike and rubbed in a colander, and some ingredients, which will be discussed later. First you need to boil the water. Water must be taken in such a way that its volume exceeds the amount of caviar by one and a half times. Now it is very important to prepare the brine itself for salting. It is, in principle, very simple to prepare - it is necessary to add salt to boiled water. It must be added to taste, but it is important not to overdo it with the amount of salt.

Prepare the brine with pike caviar and mix everything thoroughly. If the process is extended to twenty minutes, then such caviar can be stored in the refrigerator for a very long time.

The second recipe for salting caviar with pike

pike roe photo

How to pickle the eggs of the pike at home.

To pickle the caviar eggs in this variant, you will need:


1. 300 grams of caviar.
2. One and a half liters of boiling water.
3. Salt.
4. Deep bowl.
5. Colander.
6. Fork.
7. Tablespoon.
8. Gauze.

Now you need to remove the caviar from the fish and place in a bowl with boiled water. Pick up a fork and begin to rip open the yastyki, without removing the film at the same time. It is necessary to mix the eggs thoroughly for three or five minutes. If large traces of film remain on the plug, then it should be discarded. Almost all the eggs should be separated from each other. The type of eggs should be light yellow. When you carefully raspemnet and separate, the water must be drained.

After you have drained the hot water, you need to pour cold water into the bowl and stir the eggs again. Water should be drained and poured until the caviar is in absolutely clear water. Now, stirring the eggs a little, try to remove all the remnants of the film. Stir again. Eggs should sink to the bottom. What remains is to swim, merge. Carefully filter all the eggs, so that she and the water were perfectly clean. After you have achieved the desired result - it is necessary to dry the caviar. To do this, take a colander and lay gauze on its bottom.Pour all the caviar in a colander, take gauze in your hand and try to gently squeeze the caviar, but do not crush it - your only goal is to dry. After a few squeezes, you should feel how the gauze has dried slightly - you can put it on the table and unfold it.

Now we proceed to the most responsible step - salting caviar. To do this, take iodized fine salt. Transfer the caviar back to the bowl of gauze and start adding salt to taste. Salt should be introduced gradually - a small amount of salt, a slight stirring, and so on several times. Stir should be very neat, a tablespoon. The process can take from five minutes or more. The main thing in this business is thoroughness and accuracy.

If after you finish salting caviar, foam is formed on it - do not worry - this is quite normal. Start laying caviar in the container. It is best to take a few small jars for this. Lay eggs, not reaching the top, five or ten millimeters. In principle, the caviar is already ready to eat, but still it should be kept for at least six hours in the refrigerator.

How to pickle caviar of pink salmon (red) at home

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How to salt caviar of pink salmon at home.

In order to properly pickle the pink salmon caviar, it is necessary to know a very important rule - eliminate any contact with water before the pickling begins.


First of all, carefully separate the upper film from the caviar. This can be done with a fork or with your hands - there is no particular difficulty here. Now prepare a brine solution. To do this, boil water, where water should be two times more than caviar. After the water boils, turn off the heat and let it cool slightly. After that, take one peeled potato and put it on the bottom of the container with water, begin to salt some water. During the salting of water it must also be stirred, when the potatoes come up, you can stop pickling.

Allow the water to cool completely. And only after that you can lower the eggs in this solution. Hold the eggs in the water for about seven minutes, if you are going to store it for a longer time, then keep it up to ten minutes. After the necessary time passes, fold the caviar in a colander and let it drain completely. Then transfer the eggs to a towel prepared beforehand so that it can dry out.Remember that the less moisture will be in the calf, the tastier it will be.

Next, as you did, put the eggs in sterilized jars, close the lid and refrigerate for five hours. Now you can begin to eat caviar.

How to salt caviar trout

trout roe photo

How to pickle trout spawn correctly at home.

If you want to try the unforgettable taste of red caviar, you can, of course, buy it in the store, but where it will be better and tastier if salted red caviar at home. In principle, there is nothing complicated, but the result is simply amazing.

First you need to get caviar from trout. Then release it from the film. Many professionals do this with a fork, but it will be very difficult not to damage the eggs if you do it for the first time. A simpler way can be to separate the film with ordinary boiled water. To do this, you need to take enough hot water, but that its temperature is acceptable to your hands. Dip the calves with caviar in the water, and with your fingers clean the eggs from the film. Do it very carefully and carefully, because the eggs should be more whole than the damaged and burst, then the result will exceed all expectations.


After you have finished with cleaning, rinse several times with caviar in cold water and you can proceed to salting.

You can pickle caviar using only salt, or a mixture of sugar and salt. To pickle the caviar of trout is best to take sea salt, but if this was not, then choose a stone. The amount of salt should be approximately 50 or 70 grams per liter of water. If you add sugar, then you need two parts of the mixture to be from salt, and one part from sugar.

When you made the mixture, added it to the water, you can dip the caviar in it. Leave it for fifteen minutes for that to salivate, and throw it back into the colander, then dry it. Transfer to a glass jar and leave for two hours. After this time, you can try caviar.

How to pickle black caviar

caviar black photo

How to pickle black caviar at home, with your own hands, so that was delicious.

To pickle black caviar you will need:

1. Caviar of sturgeon, beluga, starlet or sturgeon.
2. Salt.


First you need to remove the caviar from the fish. Without damaging the film. After that, clean it from adhering viscera, and only after that free the eggs from the film. Put the caviar in a bowl, and with your fingers, stirring gently, carefully divide the eggs. Then sprinkle with caviar with fine salt.It all depends on your tastes, you can take the ratio of 5% salt, depending on the weight of the fish, 10% or 15% - the maximum ratio. Mix thoroughly and place in sterilized jars, close the lid, put in the refrigerator for five hours.

It is important to know useful tips to taste salty caviar:

It is very important to know which caviar should be soaked before salting, and which not. As for black caviar, it is recommended to salt it without the use of brine. But if you want to use just such a method, then you should know that the use of brine is suitable in cases of salting yaschychnoy and ternary caviar, but pressed caviar is best salted with dry salt. Now you know how to salt caviar of the most common fish - pike, pink salmon, red fish, black caviar, red caviar of trout, etc. Good luck.

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