How to run the game Half-life 2

Check whether your computer is suitable for system requirements. Under the Half-Life 2 brand, several games are sold at once: in addition to the original game, it is also the Standalone add-on - Episode 1 & 2 (and in the future also 3). It is important that each subsequent part is increasingly demanding on the hardware, despite the fact that the Source engine remains the same. This is especially noticeable for video cards: in the sequel, 64 MB of video memory was sufficient, and by the second episode this value had grown to 256 MB.
Steam version is installed automatically. All that is required from the user is to activate his profile and click on the “Download” button in the client near the purchased version of the game. In parallel, the download will go through the installation process, so at the time of its completion you will only have to click the launch shortcut.
The licensed version in the jewel-box should also not cause installation problems. Immediately after placing the disc in the drive, the autorun menu should appear on the screen, which will prompt you to install the game. It will be followed by a classic installer, offering you to choose a directory and a complete set of the installation.If you want to play over the network, then you will have to additionally pass the validation check in the Steam service - by entering the license key attached to the package with the disc.
The pirated version downloaded from the Internet is launched via emulation. Those. You will need software like Daemon Tools or Ultra ISO, suitable for working with .mdf or .iso files. Right click on the downloaded file and click "Mount to drive", then proceed according to the instructions of the previous paragraph. Do not forget that downloading a game from unofficial sites you, in fact, steal honestly earned money from its developers. In addition, only the “license” allows you to play via the Internet, and this is a weighty argument in its favor.

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