How to root a rose from a bouquet. Use natural stimulants for root formation!

If you are not a floristand not a gardener, this does not mean that you can not root and grow a rose. If you have cut roses in a vase and you like them, then do not rush to throw them away when they start to wither.

let's tryroot them.

Take the rose, cut off the upper part of the rose with a sharp knife, so that a cutting about 25 cm long remains. Cover the upper cut with wax. Remove all the leaves from the cutting, cut the lower section slightly to renew.

Further cuttingsneed to handle one of the following ways. You can try out all 3 with different cuttings and decide for the future which one works best.

Method 1
Prepare the yeast solution. 100 mg per 1 liter of water. Put the cuttings on them for a day. The cuttings are immersed by about 1 third. After that, rinse the cuttings with warm water and place in a container with water so that it reaches 1/2 of the cutting.In the process of rooting all the time pouring water so that it was always about the same level.

Method 2
Dissolve 1 teaspoon of honey in 1 liter of water. Immerse the cuttings in the solution at 1/3 and soak them there for 12 hours. Next, transfer the cuttings into a container of water, so that they are half in water.

Method 3
In the water with a handle, add 10 drops of fresh aloe juice. Aloe not only accelerates the appearance of roots, but also stimulates the immune system of the cutting. Water should reach 1/2 of the cutting. Add water so that the water level does not fall. After 10 days, you can add another 5-7 drops of aloe juice.

When your rosewill give strong enough roots, observing all the usual rules, plant it in a specially prepared pot with flower soil.

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