How to reschedule the loggia

A good spacious loggia is a great advantage and the people living in it. The main thing is to properly use the gift meters and get an additional room as a result or expand the existing one, and not to arrange a warehouse of unnecessary things on the balcony.

Combining a loggia with a room

One of the interesting ideas of redevelopment of the loggia is to combine it with a room to increase the area of ​​the latter. Make it quite real. True, there are certain norms that you will have to comply with. To do this, it is necessary to examine local laws on this issue and obtain permission from the relevant authorities for association.
The cold room of the loggia should immediately be insulated with high quality. To do this, it is best to use the services of experts or sheathe the walls with foam blocks and put triple glazing. Having a warmed compartment of the room, you can take up the creation of a design project of the new premises.
Most often in the compartment of the former loggia they make a dining area, a recreation area or an office.Part of the wall with the heating system between the loggia and the room, which is often required to remain intact, can be converted into a table like a bar, and the vertical part of the wall can be converted into a rack. This will add zest to the interior and add another place to work and store things.

Design projects of re-equipment of a loggia

If the idea of ​​combining does not suit you, then you can use the loggia itself as a separate room. If you plan to use this room all year round, then start with the insulation, as in the first case. If you plan to use it as a summer room, then you do not need insulation. Loggia can be used as a recreation room and a summer dining room, a summer bedroom, a greenhouse, a gym, a reading room, a children's summer room for games, etc.
Loggia-bedroom: you need a compact sofa or a comfortable modern folding bed. The main thing is that the bed does not occupy the entire space of the loggia. And you have room for a table or bedside table and free movement. You can decorate the room with wallpaper, panels, wall paneling or natural boards, which are best painted in a suitable color.On the wall near the bed, you can hang a tapestry or short pile mat, and on the floor to put a carpet with a long nap, so that you are warm and in cool weather.
Loggia in the spirit of the patio (small courtyard): for this you should pave the floor of the loggia with ceramic tiles, better colored, like tiles. Walls can be sheathed with boards, clapboard or decorated with artificial stone. Furniture choose wicker or special for the garden. Place flowers in pots, pots and vases on the walls and floor to create the feeling of a lush garden. Handmade lanterns with candles will help you to complete the picture.

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