How to remove varnish from the hair?

Styling products are faithful helpers in creating an impressive hairstyle. And if you want it to retain its original appearance as long as possible, you can not do without varnish. Robust and reliable - easy to find at any cosmetics store, but not so easy to wash off. If you happen to face this problem, we will give some practical advice.

Effects of Beauty Guidance

The first and most important thing to remember is that all girls who use styling products should not go to bed with them. The reason is simple - such products, and in particular varnish, create a thin film on the surface of the curls, which closes the access to oxygen. And this, in turn, negatively affects all the processes of renewal and growth inside the hair.

You can remove this film, and here is how:

  1. Comb out This will help if a minimum amount of product has been used. In addition, hair stylists constantly do not recommend it, because the particles remaining on the strands dry them very much, making them lifeless and brittle.
  2. Use shampoo for deep cleaning.It was created specifically to get rid of the remnants of styling tools. Those who use them regularly should purchase this particular series of products. But after them, be sure to use air conditioning.
  3. Wash with soda. Regular shampoo is unlikely to cope with a strong lacquer. Therefore it is worth trying to mix in equal proportions shampoo and baking soda to a pasty consistency, apply on the head, evenly distribute and leave for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.
  4. With vinegar. If the styling product does not manage to wash off the hair, something more effective will be needed. In 5 liters of water, pour 1-1.5 tbsp. vinegar, and the resulting liquid rinse curls. This folk way will also help to give extra softness and shine to the head of hair.
  5. If a glitter styler was used to create a hairstyle, the situation with its removal can become more complicated. In this case, you can use a little secret - apply shampoo to dry hair, leave for a few minutes and rinse with very warm water.

Looking gorgeous is not easy, but useful tips and recommendations from professionals will help make it more pleasant.Be beautiful!

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