How to remove scars and scars

Scars and scars do not add confidence to us, especially if they are on the face. Of course, small defects can be skillfully hidden under a layer of foundation and powder, but what to do with scars that can not be disguised? Nowadays, an effective solution to this problem has been found. So, the removal of scars and scars - options that modern cosmetology has to offer? And to offer cosmetology can for today very much. As you know, scars and scars appear on the skin after surgery, as a result of burns, cuts, injuries and skin rashes. It is up to the specialist to decide which way to choose the method of removing a particular cosmetic defect.


How to remove scars and scars



Sometimes hormone therapy becomes an effective method when large doses of hormones are administered inside the scars. The success of this option of scar removal depends on the experience of the doctor, but sometimes this method is the most effective. Nowadays, various face polishing are very popular, this option usually gives a very good result when processing inconspicuous, shallow scars.Small scars can also be treated with absorbing creams and ointments.


A good result is cryodestruction. The essence of this method is to expose a scar or scar to low temperatures. Low temperatures destroy pathological tissues, they perish and are rejected. At the site of rejection, rapid regeneration occurs, a new smooth skin appears. As you can see, nowadays scars and scar removal are quite successful in the process - the variants are very diverse. It is very important that after the scar removal, the proliferation of connective tissue does not occur again, for this purpose silicone plates are successfully used. To the place of scar removal impose plasters with a soft gel coating. As a result, the formation of excessive connective tissue is reduced.


Peels with fruit acids are quite common, they rejuvenate the skin and stimulate regeneration in the deeper layers of the skin. These procedures give very effective and lasting results. If the scars are large and deep, they are removed with a laser. This is a completely safe procedure, since the laser has a bactericidal effect, this option of removing scars and scars completely eliminates the risk of infections or complications. There are scars that cannot be removed.Usually this happens with deep old scars, then the only option that can more or less make this cosmetic defect unnoticeable is the tattoo or permanent makeup of the scar area.


It is only necessary to discuss the removal of scars and scars with a specialist - the options will depend on your age, the nature of the scar or scar, on how long the injury was received. Try not to heal your cosmetic defects, it is very difficult to remove scars when they have been treated for many years with traditional methods; as a rule, such scars can only be made less noticeable. Getting rid of any scars and scars is easier when the patient turns for help in a timely manner.

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