How to register an audit organization

In order to register an audit organization, you should register as a legal entity, open a bank account and rent a room. Then formulate the offer of your company, the price list, the procedure for providing services, the system of bonuses. Clients will necessarily appreciate the individual approach, so for certain categories of enterprises, you can set a system of discounts, free specialist travel or a free first consultation.
When creating your own audit firm, it is important to properly distribute the responsibilities between the partners. For example, in an organization where several employees work, the general director can perform the duties of a chief accountant, secretary, manager, and his deputy can be assigned the duties of a courier, an accountant, and a controller for the quality of activities.In addition, for each employee should determine the terms of reference, writing them. Then you just have to control the work of the company and, if necessary, make changes to it.
Usually, when opening an audit firm, the client base is formed from already familiar enterprises and organizations, for example, from a previous place of work. But remember that over time there will be a need to attract new customers and business development, therefore, issues relating to advertising and promotion of the company are also worth considering.
In order to attract new customers, do not forget about the effectiveness of advertising in the media, on the Internet, create your own website, engage in active sales, i.e. telephone conversations with potential customers. It is active sales that help determine the needs of people, the level of demand for certain services.
Remember that for the successful development of an audit organization, its employees must have not only a high level of professionalism, but also be able to offer their services, constantly study the demand for them, make decisions promptly and respond quickly to market changes.

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