How to reduce spending on cosmetics?

Beloved necessarily need to spend money. But it happens that you go to the store for shaving foam to your husband, and you leave with a full package of presents for yourself. Nowadays, the principle “The more, the better!” Rejoices, therefore not every girl can boast with a small amount of cosmetics.

Thanks to such reflections, all the shelves of girls are filled with unnecessary bottles and jars, which were bought under the influence of a rush.

Look carefully at your dressing table. Do you really need all these women's treasures? Or do you, like most girls: 5 face creams (and you use only one of them), the same amount of mascara and full cosmetic lipstick?

And in the bathroom, most likely, there are many means for caring for the hair and body? Probably, they were bought for daily use, but alas, there was no time for such self-care, and now these bottles are gathering dust on the shelves.

Let's do a very simple revision? Take all the bottles and jars that you have, and choose from them the really necessary ones, the ones you use most often.Lay the rest on the table and calculate their approximate cost.

Only now you saw that this amount could be in your wallet, and you could spend it on something more necessary (for example, a good procedure in the salon or a new perfume).

A few simple tips that will save your money

How to still reduce spending on women's expenses? So that they are reasonable, it is necessary to avoid purchases of different trash. In some ways, you can limit yourself, save on something, but at the same time find the best options not at the expense of yourself.

It is believed that the more components in a product, the more expensive it is, and therefore the better. So now we will dispel this myth. Cosmetics can be better not on the number of ingredients, but on their quality!

For beginners, make-up artists can advise such an optimal option, as the acquisition of decorative cosmetics in proven online stores. There you can often find great products at affordable prices, while in any store they will be much more expensive.

Also nowadays we offer a wide range of universal products, but pay attention only to luxury cosmetics, because only it can be 3 in 1, for example, and at the same time of good quality.As for conventional multi-functional tools, they are in most cases of poor quality.

Still need to pay attention to promotions. They also help to save a little, so do not hesitate to take samples or enjoy yourself with small gifts during the campaigns.

For successful purchases you need to listen to these tips:

  • Determine for yourself the monthly budget for the purchase of cosmetics. But if it happened, and you spent everything, but did not buy something, then promise yourself to buy it next time. So you calm yourself and do not exceed the monthly limit.
  • When choosing care products, look at the composition, not the price.
    This results from the fact that often in inexpensive creams the same components, as in expensive, advertised can meet. And pay attention to the fact that the closer the substance to the beginning, the higher its concentration in the product.
    When choosing creams, be sure to look at the volume.
  • In case of a difficult financial situation, instead of creams you can use natural vegetable oils, the main thing is to choose them correctly.
  • No need to buy new funds until the old ones are over.
  • Keep your makeup right! Do the revision often and check the expiration date.
  • Do not throw away the unnecessary bottles that someone gave you and they simply did not fit you. They can be sold on the Internet, and with this money you can buy a suitable tool for yourself. But if you have already opened the packaging, then in many communities you can offer an exchange.
  • To make purchases at a discount, you can become a consultant of a famous cosmetic brand, while shopping in the catalog. Thus, you can not only buy everything for yourself at a discount, but also earn money, it will take a lot of time and effort only for this.

And now, it's time to tricks!

  • Mascara can be used as an eyeliner. To do this, just need a brush from the eyeliner to put in a tube of mascara. The result is no different from liquid liner.
  • If you suddenly lost eyebrow brush, then it can be replaced with a baby toothbrush, and instead of gel for eyebrows, you can take wax for hair styling.
  • Eyebrow pencil can use regular matte eye shadow.
  • You can buy cheap shampoo, as they all cleanse hair without problems.But when choosing a balm it is not recommended to spare money, as balms and conditioners will help to make your hair soft, shiny and silky.
  • Lip makeup can be done without lipstick. This can be done with any pencil for the lips and transparent gloss.
  • Some shades of blush can be used instead of eye shadow, or for lip makeup.
  • Blush can be replaced by a pale shade of lipstick.

These little tips will help you save money a little, and also find the way out at the right moment.
Therefore, dear girls, you cannot save on yourself! You just need to spend money wisely, only on what you really need, and only when it is needed.

We wish you a successful and enjoyable shopping!

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