How to please a boy, a boy and a man, like a girl, a girl and a woman

How to please a man

How to please a boy, a boy and a man, as well as a girl, a girl and a woman.

How do you like a man?



And how can a man like an adult and not so? Try to smile as often as possible. You must have feline grace. Men love it. Give it to you, too, not bad. It looks very beautiful. ;)


Do not speak loudly.Men do not tolerate this. (Although, I will tell you a very big secret: I am a woman and also hate it when they speak very loudly or shout)


Be a yoke. But do not overdo it! Bust is also bad.


You should not smell bad. Nobody loves this either, not only men.


Do not show aggression, at least while you are near him. And in general, be kinder!


Do not complain to him about your health! Why does he need a lady with a bunch of sores?


Excessive seduction.It is very good to be seductive, but if you overdo it, then the man will simply be afraid to come up, since he will be afraid to get a refusal, although he will be pleased with the man.


Never act like him! Butch has never been in fashion. Be feminine and sweet.


Demonstration of disinterest in him. You do not want and do not need! - your man will think and will not even try to approach you. This weapon should not be used on it either.


Sight.You need to look at the man so that he feels it, and when you start to meet with a look and he will stop him at you, then it is not difficult to understand that this man liked and he will take the first steps if you have the courage, sometimes you need a little help him with this.


CommunicationYou need to be able to listen to it! Men appreciate it in a woman. But he will not pay much attention to your cues. Get used to it!


MANDATORY!The ability to cook deliciously.This should be able to every woman who has hands. If you are not able, then learn and as soon as possible, it can greatly help to please a man. As they say, the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach and this is partly like this :-)


You must havegeneral topics for conversation. Maybe you studied at the same university? Or do you have common interests? If there are no common themes at all, then talk about his work. Men love to talk about their achievements.


Meet his friends. If they like you, then it's in the hat. You have consolidated your positions. After all, for many people, not necessarily men, the opinion of friends and relatives is very important.


And the last helpful tip. In order to please a man you need to combine several qualities: mistresses, housewives, mothers, colleagues at work and a friend.


In general, this task is not easy, but I believe that you will cope and take your very class man. ;)


How to like a woman?



As you know, women are very capricious creatures. And how do you like one of these whims? If you already know how to meet a girl and did it, here are some useful tips for relationships:


How to like a woman

How to like an adult woman and not very much :-)

Start a conversation by praising her.Women love ears!Remember this truth. Tell her that she has a wonderful dress or that she is very beautiful and you would like to hear how beautiful her voice is. In general, think of something. Women love romance and compliments.Any woman loves it. Talk about what interests her. Use the whole "arsenal" of ways and it will be much easier for a woman to like her.


Call her no sooner than a few days. But here, too, it is important not to overdo it. Not later than two days.


At the next meeting, be sure to note that today she is very joyful or, on the contrary, tired. Talk to her about her inner feelings. This will bring you closer.


On your first date, do not spend too much. It can determine whether a woman likes you or your wallet. But do not be mean. The avarice of women is very despised.


Watch movies that she likes, preferably together.


Do not be too intrusive and do not show your feelings ahead of time to please the woman.


Women like men who take care of themselves and dress well. Bring your nails in order, brush your hair ... What am I telling you! You're going on a date!


Do not rush to introduce her to your friends. Try to avoid her friends too. At least now, at the beginning of your relationship.


One more thing. Try to please her, but not in everything. Otherwise, your lady of heart will sit on your neck.


How do you like a guy (13, 14, 15, 16 years old)?



In this article, cute girls, I will tell you how to like a guy of 13-16 years old. Read to read the article how to meet a guy. In principle, everything is not so difficult. The first thing that draws attention to any person (no matter what sex he is) is appearance. I think not a single girl who does not take care of herself has not heard such phrases like: “Wow, what is your inner world!”.


How to like a guy

How do you like a guy 13,14,15,16 years or more.


Now, just about the inner world. This is also an important component. The read girls are always much more interesting! They can keep up the conversation on various topics.


A girl should not smoke and drink. Think about it, you also have children to give birth! And then kissing a girl who smokes is like licking an ashtray! And to admire the person lying worse under the bench or listening to the carrier drunk nonsense is even worse.


Go ahead and learn better how to like a guy 13 - 16 years or more. Try to spend more time with your object of adoration; call for a walk, call sometimes, but don’t be too intrusive.


Do not behave too cheeky. Be modest. It is always in fashion.


Do not lie about yourself. This is repulsive.Does this mean that you will lie in other aspects?


Be yourself! Do not try to look like a girl that he liked to you. It will be just posturing. And people will change their opinion about you too.


Finally, tell him about your feelings! Even if they do not reciprocate, it will not make anyone worse.


How do you like a girl (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years old)?



The first is, of course, appearance. At this age, girls pay attention mainly to appearance. Well-groomed and neat guy looks a lot better than the dirty ragged one, right?;)


How to please the girl

How to please a girl 11,12,13,14,15,16 years and more.

Take care of the girl. Take her to the cinema, give flowers (especially since nowadays they do it not so often), give your jacket on a cool evening, escort her home, and so on.


Some girls are looking for a boyfriend and friend in combination. Be prepared to listen to her and help with advice. After all, this is not so difficult, is it true? And she is pleased with you as well.


Be the “bad guy.” Some girls like this type of guy a lot. I repeat once again to some, and some infuriates. BUT! This does not mean that you need to become a criminal! Simply enough to behave abruptly.


Never allow indifference in talking to her. Even if you are not at all interested at all! Listen to her, give advice, if you can, calm down. But, the main thing is to listen, using these methods, you will have more chances to like a girl of 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years and more.


  1. Always follow her home. It is very nice.
  2. Speak pleasant and tender words, but do not overdo it! Too much is bad too.
  3. The main thing is to remain yourself under any circumstances.


Done! You are adorable and you have a girlfriend.


How do you like a boy (11, 12, 13, 14 years old)?



How to please the boy

How do you like a boy if he is 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 years old?

I think the task before us is not so complicated. Like a boy can be different. Try to talk more with him, but do not elevate yourself above the others (the boys don't like that much;)). The boys don't like being criticized or interrupted, being distracted from something important, when they are told too much about outsiders . Do not dwell only on it, because there are others! Around is full of other cute and cute boys;)


Find out what he is interested in. Start to get involved in the same and you will have many common topics! After all, it is very interesting to talk with a person on a topic in which both of you are savvy.


When the relationship between you is friendly - invite him home for tea. Drink a tea, watch a movie or cartoon and everything will be fine! The relationship between you will improve and you will have a good time. ;)


Mostly boys are looking for a girlfriend. You need to have a rich spiritual world. Be kind, responsive, modest and neat. One must be able not only to carry gossip, but also to keep up the conversation on various topics. And the main thing is to be able to listen about his victories and successes. Then you have every chance to please your object of adoration. Good luck!


How do you like a girl (11, 12, 13, 14 years old)?



Here the main thing is not to distort the pigtails;) If the girl is interested in you, then start caring for her. Well, if not, then my advice to you: try to put an eye on another girl.


How to care for a girl at this age? First, spend more time with her. Call for a walk, call her, write on the Internet. It will be pleasant for her. Try to find out what she is interested in. Start to get involved in the same. Praise her more often.


How to please the girl

How to please the girl 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years.

Study in the same class? Or maybe you are older than she? Offer her help with the lessons.Moreover, doing homework together is much more fun! And she is pleased, and you repeat.


No mat! Girls love boys who don't use swear words.


Don't overly impose. If the girl comes up with an incredible reason, if only you do not have a walk, then the chances are you have zero.


Offer her somewhere to go. It does not matter if it's a movie, a cafe or a circus. Be sure to (!) Pay for it. Girls love to be paid for. But it is very important to see the difference when you want it and when you are used, so learn to feel this face to please a girl of 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 years.


Offer her your help and protection in emergency situations. Even if they do not exist, it is still nice when there is someone to rely on in case of anything.


When you go for a walk with her, try to bring her various snacks. (Just see, don't split your darling;) Well, that's all.


How do you like the ex-boyfriend?



First, the question: on whose initiative did you break up? According to yours? Then maybe he still likes you. Especially if your boyfriend is melancholic. If, the guy threw you? Like the ex-boyfriend can be in different ways and we will consider them.


How to like the ex-boyfriend

How do you like the old guy again?


For example, you go for a walk with the company and he is there too. First, you must look perfect. In order to admire this beauty, he realized that he had lost. If he will talk to you - answer. But in any case, do not start the dialogue first. Don't be interested in how he is doing, how he works, whether he has found someone for himself. Even if you are very interested. Let me think. that you don't care.


Do not let yourself lose heart! Be interested in other guys.


Sign in to the gym, for example. There often appear beautiful and interesting men.


Go to the clubs. Have fun. You are now free.


Try to save a lot of money in order to go one day and waste every penny. It will greatly lift your spirits. Shopping never led to the bad;)


Do not focus on getting it back andlike the ex-boyfriend again. On the contrary, set yourself a goal to find a new guy who will be better than the old one. But if he himself offers to come together again, then refuse. He may not fall in love with you after this, but let him feel a grudge. To you, by the way, it was also insulting. Do not run after him.Or do you want to raise his self-esteem to heaven? No no no. We have a different task. That's basically it. I hope these simple tips will help you.


How do you like a classmate boy or girl?



First, how old are you? If you are in fourth grade, then why do you need him? It will take a couple of years and he will think about how you like;)


How do you like a classmate?You are already familiar, so you can come up and calmly start a conversation with him. On the topic that is interesting to him. You are classmates, so you should, at least superficially know who is fond of what.


How to like a classmate

How to like a classmate.

You must be ready to be condemned by the rest of the class. After all, not all girls will like it if you grab yourself the most beautiful boy in the class.


Talk to him often at recess, sit down at the same desk, go home together.


Do not rush to tell him about your feelings. First, try to become his best friend. Visit each other, do homework together, walk together. In principle, a classmate is the same boy as everyone else and no special actions are required of you.


Do not swear.It is ugly not only for boys, but in general.


Be fun and kind. Try to always listen to him and help with advice or at least encourage him.


Do not start drinking or smoking to please a classmate. It will not make you older in his eyes. Quite the contrary.


Watch yourself. Everyone likes cute and beautiful girls.

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