How to pay money with PayPal

Since direct replenishment of a mobile phone account from PayPal is not possible, you should select a service provider to conduct the payment operation. There are such options:

  • The website is a popular mobile money transfer service provided by 400 mobile operators in hundreds of countries around the world.
  • Payment systems QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex.Money. In the personal account of each of them, you can find a section with the functionality of payment of cellular operators.
  • Bank card attached to a PayPal account.

Ding service

In a few minutes through this site you can transfer your funds to a mobile phone in any country, including paying from a PayPal account:

  1. On the site, click the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the screen. You can bypass this procedure by logging in using authorization through your Facebook / Google accounts.
  2. Select the desired country in which the mobile operator is registered (for example, Russia), specify the cell phone number 10 characters. The site will determine its own mobile operator.
  3. You will be offered several amounts to replenish to choose from. Click on the desired and check if the operator was correctly determined.
  4. Click "Go to payment." Keep in mind that the commission for the transferred $ 5 will be 66 cents. This is how the service is charged with every five dollars of payment.
  5. Carefully check all entered data. Click on "Go to payment". And select a payment via PayPal.
  6. You will find yourself on the site of an electronic wallet PayPal. Enter your PayPal account number, on the window to make a payment, click on "Continue"
  7. It remains to wait no more than 10 minutes before transferring funds to a mobile phone. The notification on the screen will be recorded all the parameters of the translation. You can print payment information.

Qiwi payment system

The method is right for you if there is PayPal and there is no bank card to replenish the mobile phone account.

To do this, place an order for a personal bank card Visa QIWI Wallet on the official website in the section “Bank Cards”. A virtual payment card for such a transfer will not work. Place an order in your QIWI account and wait for the delivery of the card by the postal service (up to 4 weeks). After reviewing the activation instructions, link this card to your PayPal account.Now you can withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your QIWI wallet at any time. And already from Qiwi, pay for the services of mobile operators with ease.

Payment system Webmoney

Transfer to "WebMoney" from PayPal account is possible only through online exchangers. Select the option that suits you to transfer PayPal USD to WMZ. And directly in your wallet, you can convert dollars into rubles and pay the mobile number to them.

Yandex money

Two-stage withdrawal of money is made in the same way as with Webmoney - through exchangers. The sequence of steps is the same.

Bank card

This is one of the easiest and safest options. Make a withdrawal from your PayPal account to your VISA / MasterCard bank card and pay for it with your phone.

  1. Link an international bank card, for example, Sberbank to a PayPal account. In the personal account of the system in the "Withdrawal" section, click on the "Add a bank account" button.
  2. Fill in all the fields and click on "Private person", add the bank's BIC, account and other details. After all the confirming procedures, the “Send” function will appear in this section.
  3. Select "Withdraw funds to bank account", enter the amount.The currency will be converted, and the money in rubles will fall into your bank account. Replenish their cell phone balance (via online banking or ATM).

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