How can you overcome a strong fear of childbirth?

So this beautiful moment has come, you are the future mother. The weeks run very fast, the tummy markedly rounded and acquired considerable volumes, all this indicates the imminent appearance of the long-awaited baby, which means that the fateful day, which is designated as "birth", is already quite close.

And it's not at all surprising if you suddenly admit that you are terribly afraid to give birth, because every second expectant mother has this fear, and unfortunately, not everyone can overcome it.

Why are women afraid of childbirth?

If you think about it, this process has always accompanied humanity, because since its inception, people have multiplied in this way. But for some reason, a powerful enough argument "everyone gives birth" does not work at all, and it was with your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and hardly anyone regrets that a miracle happened in their life.

The process of childbirth is a truly wonderful moment, which means the birth of a new person and, by the way, you are helping in this process like no other.

Honestly, the fear of childbirth is normal, adequate and fully explicable, it remains to find ways that will help the expectant mother to get rid of him, look at the baby’s birth process from the other side and then, quite possibly, the fear will decrease significantly or completely disappear.

Before looking for the answer to the question of how to overcome the fear of childbirth, it is necessary to identify the causes that cause this fear, because each woman has different, but generally undergoes a small classification.

Try to dig into yourself, and you will surely find the very painful peg that has deeply and firmly sat in your mind. And only then, even if it is not possible to get rid of it completely, then at least you will be able to come to terms with your fears, knowing specific questions, you can always get interesting answers.

Causes of fear and ways to prevent them

  • The very first and main reason is the mass and availability of completely different information, which literally overwhelms the expanses of the Internet, the print press and books. Most women, when they find themselves in an interesting position,begin to study all the available information and rightly so! Only, for some reason, they are not turning to competent specialists and experienced professionals, but to all sorts of forums and gossip, in which stories about childbirth with complications, birth injuries, a change of shape in a horrible way, and also about insane pains are literally abound. the end. Of course, after reading this, you can be scared to a pulp, losing any desire to ever give birth at all. Remember that childbirth is an individual process that takes place in every woman’s own way, and the more you fear, the harder and more painful it will be. And one more indisputable fact: calm and almost painless childbirth is not so exciting and scandalous stories, which is why passions and insane pains are so popular.
  • Unsuccessful previous experience or the experience of friends can be another reason why there is fear of childbirth. It also happens that the first pregnancy ended in difficult childbirth, which was also taken by a not too kind and qualified doctor. And even due to the fact that everything ended well, a woman cannot get rid of the fear that haunts her.And then there is a girlfriend, who had a similar situation, and it begins to seem that it can only proceed in this way, nothing else. This is all nonsense, just a future mother needs to analyze her first experience, think through all the mistakes that were made for the first time and, of course, try not to allow them anymore.
  • Another reason is the fear of the unknown. Most often it happens in girls who give birth for the first time, in spite of the stories of girlfriends or relatives, you still do not know, but how it will flow in your case. The best way in this case is to read as much as possible literature on this subject, enroll in courses for future mothers, where all the questions that interest you are revealed in class. Also there are yoga classes for pregnant women, who, among other things, are very useful in this situation and are able to make the process of appearance of the baby easier and more painless. In addition to all this, you will gain a new circle of girls who are also in the same position as you, communicating with them can also have a positive effect on your psychological state.
  • Another common fear is the fear of serious complications or death during childbirth. To stop worrying about the birth of a child in this case, you need to understand that you will be surrounded by specialists and relatives. The level of modern medicine has reached such heights that deaths during childbirth are almost never occur, doctors will do everything necessary to prevent this. It is also very important to listen carefully to your obstetrician, who by his advice during the whole process will be able to warn the future mother of most problems and troubles.
  • Also there is a certain percentage of the fair sex, who is terribly afraid to appear ugly during childbirth. After all, everyone knows that in the process a woman sweats, turns pale, loses blood, and sometimes completely empties right on the chair. In order to overcome this fear, it is necessary to understand yourself and understand why it is so important to look perfect even at such a moment in your life. After all, there are things far more important than beauty of appearance, especially if it concerns the health of your future baby.Often this is due to low self-esteem, the presence of her husband at birth, who has never seen you in this state. If this is so, then it is quite possible that it is better to invite a mother or close friend at a time so that you feel more comfortable.
  • Another point - too early pregnancy, which leads to the unwillingness of the girl to become a mother. Because of this, the body at the subconscious level tries to delay the moment of birth of the child, because of which the whole process becomes even longer and more painful. Here the main thing is to understand that the baby is a joy, look for positive emotions and do not forget to believe in the future, then the birth will be easier and calmer.

What will help calm down before the birth?

Now that the causes of fear are over, you need to find a way to tune in to a positive wave. Self-hypnosis and auto-training help a lot, you have to constantly convince yourself that everything will be fine, that the birth process is the final stage of your pregnancy for which you have been preparing for so long, and which every woman should go from beginning to end with her baby.

Fear of childbirth.

Any mother should be glad about the approaching meeting with her child, especially the first one.Even in such situations, the following setting helps: the baby is harder than me, because he is scared, for the first time he will face a big world, he works and tries no less than his mother. When a woman concentrates on her baby, the fears go far into the background, there is a desire to help and protect him.

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