How to open your flower business

To open a flowerbusinessand it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur. Next, choose a place to place the cabin. This may be a pavilion on a busy street, a department in a supermarket or a shopping center. The buyer should be comfortable to "run" in you for a bouquet on the way to work, business meeting or home.
You will need a room with a minimum area of ​​50 sq.m. under the trading floor and utility rooms. Take care to install a high-quality temperature control system, both in the sales area and in the warehouse. Select a separate place for the florist. Equip the main room with racks, cabinets with lighting, refrigeration, work desks and a counter.
Determine the range and nature of the product. You can focus on selling only fresh flowers for bouquets. However, if space permits,it is justified to include in the assortment of indoor plants, fertilizers and soils for them, pots and other decor tools, as well as special gift packaging. It should be remembered that fresh flowers are perishable goods. Therefore, at the initial stage of developmentbusinessand it is necessary to limit the assortment of the most popular and resistant species, for example, roses, carnations and chrysanthemums.
Adjust the process of purchasing goods. It is necessary to take into account not only the necessary volumes, but also a good understanding of the quality of products offered by suppliers. You can buy goods from wholesale dealers or directly contact with producers - local greenhouses or importers. Procurement is usually done either by the owner himself.businessa, or an employee specially hired for this task. Also among the staff you will need a florist (one or more), a florist (caring for plants), a consultant, a salon manager and an accountant.

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