How to open a company in the Czech Republic

You will need
  • - certificates of no criminal record;
  • - office space;
  • - start-up capital.
To get started, get a certificate of good conduct from the Czech Republic and from the country in which you are a citizen.
Find an office space or arrange for a legal address. After this, you will receive a contract from the property owner, extracts from the Commercial Register and the Real Estate Cadastre. The address of registration may coincide with the legal address, but during the checks you will need to show the workplace, which confirms the use of part of the apartment as a working office.
Next, contact the notary and get a notarial record, where you sign the Charter of a limited liability company. You will also be provided with an extract indicating the share of each of the owners, if there are several founders in your company. At this stage, you should already decide who will become the director of the company.
Go with the notarized entry to the bank, where you will need to put the authorized capital of the company on a special account.
Submit an application to the Trade Register along with all the documents you received from a notary and in a bank.
The decision to open a company is made within two weeks. It remains only to wait for the result, which will be delivered to you in writing to the address that you indicated as legal.
After obtaining permission to conduct activities, put the company on record in the tax service.
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The cost of the entire procedure is about 1000 euros, but you need to take into account the cost of staying in the country, since you can hardly do all the work in less than 2 weeks. To avoid most of the procedure of registration, with sufficient money you can buy a ready-made company. It should be noted that the costs of opening a company require much less financial costs than with immigration to any country that traditionally provides opportunities to open your own business.

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