How to name the game?

Computer games are a great way to spend time and also make money on their development. Before the game creators often face the question of how to name the game so that the name is successful and memorable. Ordinary players are usually worried about something completely different: choosing a name for a character, a name for a clan or a guild.

Name of the game

Before you consider all the options, as you can call the game, it is desirable to consider it as detailed as possible.

For convenience, write on a sheet in front of you who the target audience of the game is, who are the main characters of the game and what are their names, what genre does your game belong to, in what epoch and in what world does the game take place and other factors. It will not be superfluous to study how similar games of competitors are named.

After that, based on the information received, brainstorm: write down absolutely all the variations of the names that come to your mind. Do not discard any ideas, even the most delusional and stupid, the main thing - write as many as possible.

After that, try to choose about a third of the options that seem to you the most successful and interesting.Show the remaining names to friends, acquaintances or colleagues and ask them to evaluate these options, choosing the least and most successful ones.

After that, choose the name that is most successful from the point of view of different people, and approve it.

Character nickname

When creating a character online game you are usually asked to enter his name. Yes, and in ordinary games you can often call a character as you like. That is why the players face the question of how to call themselves in the game, so that the nickname will be successful and suitable for both the character and the real person hiding behind him.

There are several criteria that the game character’s nickname must meet:

  • He must not break the rules of the game. This applies only to online games, since the character's nickname will be visible to other users. As a rule, in games it is forbidden to give characters an obscene name that incites controversy and enmity, and in some cases it also cannot be called celebrity names. For normal games, there are usually no such restrictions.
  • The name should be short, harmonious and easy to pronounce. This requirement is especially important for team and online games.Since other players will have to call you by nickname, it is important that he can be spoken quickly and correctly. By choosing a long name, get ready for what other players will call it abbreviated and you may not like this option at all.
  • Nick should fit the character. Agree that the orc with the name Heinrich will look a little ridiculous, and the noble nobleman Palcerez - at least strange. That is why, before you call a character in a game, you need to “try on” a nickname for him and think about whether he will fit. For example, you can simply use your last name or initials.

Guild or clan name

In online games, players often join together in groups called clans or guilds. Each clan has its own name, so its leader must choose a name. Before you name a clan in a game, the manager usually confers with other players, but choosing a successful name can be difficult.

The clan name also has some simple requirements:

  1. It is desirable that the name of the clan to some extent associated with its members. That is, it should reflect who is in the clan and which particular players are in it.
  2. If possible, the name should also reflect the direction of the clan.Before you call the guild in the game, find out what purpose it was formed for: trade, joint battles, exchange of items or other tasks. This will help you find the most interesting and successful name.
  3. This item is particularly important, since it depends on how much the members of the clan will feel comfortable in it. From the name of the clan must be a good derivative, which will call its members. This will allow other players to identify which clan certain players belong to. In addition, it will allow to rally the members of the clan to more effectively carry out its tasks. A good option would be to call your clan something related to the game. Although come up with something original by type: Kindsi Evil or KingS would also be a good option.

There are usually no special restrictions for clan names. Of course, they must be censored and should not incite hostility between players, since such a name simply will not be approved. Also, the name of the clan is best written in Latin, so as not to have problems with its display in the game.

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