How to name a child on the calendar?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
March 6, 2015
How to name a child on the calendar?

As the ship you name, so it will float. Many believe that the name given to a child at birth can somehow influence his future fate. In earlier times, it was customary to give the child the name of that saint whose day of remembrance coincided with the date of birth of the baby. Although very few now adhere to this tradition and the names that are borrowed from other European cultures and languages ​​are becoming more popular, there are still adherents of this method of name selection. As a rule, these people are religious and religious. If you also want to choose the name of the child according to the age-old Russian Orthodox tradition, we will tell you how to name the child on the calendar in accordance with the established procedure.

What calendar are we talking about?

Throughout the entire history of the development of Orthodoxy in Russia, the main calendar calendar has always been and remains the Orthodox church calendar or Svyattsy. Practically every day in the calendar corresponds to the day of memory of a certain saint, martyr, etc.In total, Svyattsy contains about a thousand male and female names of Slavic, Greek, Latin, and Hebrew origin. Although many of these names are already considered obsolete and have long gone out of daily use, in the past few years there has been a tendency to choose for their children rare names from among the Old Slavonic. For example, now in the same class children can learn with the names of Ulyana, Emelyan and Veniamin.

How to find out which name corresponds to a specific date?

To do this, open it on the relevant month and see if there is a mention of the date of celebration of a certain saint on the date of birth that interests you. If not, you will have to choose a name from the two dates closest to this day. On most dates, honoring is usually given to several saints or martyrs at once, so you will probably even have a choice.

Since the church calendar is far from being in every home, it is better to seek the relevant information from one of the clergymen or clergymen for advice. This person will surely tell you a lot, not only about what name you should choose for your baby, but also the identity of which person respected in Orthodoxy is behind it.It is believed that a child, named after a certain saint, partially adopts the characteristics of his character and virtues.

Name day

If you call a child one of the names in the church calendar, then on certain days of the year he will celebrate his name day - the memory of that saint in honor of whom he was named. Some people have a birthday party only once a year, the same ones who bear such common names, such as Ivan or George, will celebrate the birthday party several times a year. This day is filled with a special spiritual meaning. It is customary to go to church to go to church, to confess, and to take communion.

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