How to mark the original September 1?

Knowledge Day at school - a sign date. This is a new period in the life of each student. First-graders and their parents are worried because they only have to learn all the joys and hardships of studying, high school students with a joyful expectation run to the line, because this year is for them graduation, and middle-class students rush to share their impressions of the summer with friends.

And despite the age of the child, I want this day to be remembered only by pleasant emotions. And here everything, as they say, is in your hands, parents. We have prepared for you some simple and useful ideas that will turn the day of the first call into a real holiday.

The bell rings

Solemn line and the first lesson in the classroom behind. Parents can relax, and children enjoy the holiday to the fullest. But in order for this to be possible, it is necessary to think out a plan of action in advance.

You need to start a few days before the important date, because the right attitude - the key to a pleasant day.

Creating a festive atmosphere

Where do I start? In fact, everything is very simple:

First of all, parents should forget about fears and discontent. Yes, you may have to spend a lot of money to provide the child with all the necessary educational materials, but you should not even mention this with a child. Prepare him for the fact that another interesting year begins, during which he will be able to get a lot of new knowledge and impressions.

To create a festive atmosphere, give your child the freedom to choose in the process of buying school supplies, and then decorate the house together. The most affordable option - balls, beautiful autumn sheets, wall newspaper and photo collage.

On the wall newspaper, you can display the expectations of the children from the upcoming school year, “spiced up” all of this with short verses of his own composition.

In the photo collage, it will be appropriate to use photos from previous festive lines or to gather the brightest moments of a child's life from birth to present time, if it's a first-class.

Go for a walk

Immediately it should be said that you should have two options for celebrating September 1, in case the weather let you down.

So, if your plans do not violate the weather conditions, then you can please the child with a hike:

  • To the picnic. This is a real expanse for children. In addition to jointly prepared delicacies and songs around the campfire, you can easily hold family competitions, interesting contests and end the holiday with bright fireworks.
  • In the amusement park. Such entertainment will be interesting not only for younger children, even teenagers often are not averse to having fun in such a place. A significant plus also lies in the fact that while the child enjoys playing games, parents can get distracted by a coffee break.
  • Walk on the water. Have you ever had a picnic on the water? Then Knowledge Day is the time for that. First, you can fully enjoy a warm autumn day, and secondly, it's really an unforgettable experience.
  • Horseback riding. Communicating with animals is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. The beginning of the school year for schoolchildren is always a little exciting, so unhurried walks on beautiful, stately horses will be able to perfectly defuse the atmosphere.

But if you had to hold a solemn ruler under umbrellas, you should not despair.There are plenty of options to celebrate this day:

  • Cinema. Popcorn, an interesting film or cartoon, and a long time to discuss impressions. This is sure to please the child.
  • The Dolphinarium. If the child has never sailed with dolphins, give him that opportunity. No weather can prevent you from getting a hurricane of positive emotions.
  • Holiday at home. Who said that celebrating the beginning of the school year at home is boring? Favorite delicacies will surely cheer up, and interesting quizzes will awaken the spirit of rivalry. Another interesting idea is a video interview. Make it a tradition to annually record such a video, where you will ask the same questions. For example, who does a child want to be, what do you like most at school, a few words about friends, etc.

It is worth noting that such entertainment is usually suitable for students of the lower and middle classes. Do not be offended if a teenager after the line asks you for a little money for personal expenses and goes for a walk with friends.

Pleasant Presents

September 1 is a holiday, and it is worth celebrating. Gifts, of course, are an integral part.First, let's remember the teachers. A good class teacher is a sin not to present a pleasant gift. But this does not mean that you have to fork out for expensive equipment or precious jewelry. Excellent options for this case are:

  • Candy stand;
  • original diary (for example, personal handicraft);
  • a cup with pleasant wishes from the students;
  • Souvenir tea or coffee sets.

Now let's see what you can give a student. First of all, you should pay attention to whether the present will be useful. Of course, it is great if the theme of the holiday will continue in this case. But if you know that some other option will be more useful - then why not:

  • High school students will certainly appreciate a new computer desk or some modern gadgets and devices (tablet, e-book, fitness bracelet).
  • For the first-graders and pupils of the junior school childhood does not end, so you can safely enjoy their board games or sets for creativity. And for parents who are ready to share responsibility for our smaller brothers with a baby, we recommend that you present your pet as a presentation.
  • An unusual alarm clock - jumping, glowing, with a special glass surface, on which you can leave wishes daily, will be a funny gift for children of any age.

Pleasant impressions with which the new academic year begins - this is the engine that will help to get knowledge with pleasure. Do not be lazy to make a holiday, it's so easy.

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