How to make your own pot of stoves

You will need
  • Chisel, grinder, hammer, trowel.
A hole is cut into the bottom of the can, a nozzle is inserted into it, and a chimney is attached to it to improve traction. Under the neck of a chisel or grinder, a blower is cut in the form of a sickle.
The device stove
The grate is made of serpentine shape from a wire diameter of 6 mm. To make it convenient to push through the neck inside the can, it is necessary to slightly squeeze the sides, and inside the can to stretch to the required size. The presence of the grate will significantly provide better burning of firewood, as the air flow through the sickle-shaped blower will improve.
Additional parts, such as a flygark, designed to protect the chimney from precipitation, and a chimney pipe can be made from roofing iron itself, but it is easier to buy ready-made in a store.
For convenient installation of the stove-stove to the base of the milk can you need to attach the legs-support. They are made of half-inch pipes bent according to the diameter of the can. The ends of the pipes are straightened and as a result the legs are supported.So that the supports do not move relative to each other, a special spacer is installed, made of a steel strip with a thickness of one and a half to two mm.

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