How to make paneled door

Any paneledDoormade from wood. Spruce, pine or larch is best suited for this purpose. Doors that are made of larch wood can not be painted, but you should definitely cover it with clear varnish. Such wood is most often not processed, but only on condition that the material has no defects that could spoil the appearance.
Need to stock up on bars in advance. For the manufacture of the door will need bars strapping with a thickness of about 50 mm and a width of about 110 mm. They need to be connected to each other. The connection is made using a double spike. Panels are best made from boards, plywood, chipboard. They must be smooth. To insert the panels in the strapping bars, you need to select the groove of the required width, as well as depth. This groove can be made independently. The fact that it appears from the layouts of screws or studs.
Internal and front doors can be made both deaf and glazed.Sometimes they produce glazing at the top of the door unit, and then fix it tightly in the box. You can also insert glass instead of panels. Doors with glass, can be divided into light and half bright. Light doors have glazing on 2/3 of the area of ​​the canvas, and half-bright - on 1/3. Bright doors are most often installed on the balcony, and half-bright - in the kitchen.
Only well-dried wood is suitable for use. On such wood will not form cracks. This means that the door leaf will not be defective during operation. With a strong drying of the wood, the paintwork will be rendered useless.

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