How to make a husband jealous?

Such a feature as jealousy is not inherent in everyone. Someone is absolutely confident in the partner, and he is not at all confused by calls late at night or systematic delays at work. And for someone it is like a red rag for a bull. Give only a reason.

Women often do not like being called “jealous”, but when they are jealous of them, this is a completely different matter. Many inside the fire lights up the excitement. The reason is simple - lack of male attention.

Your spouse is calm, like a boa constrictor, and has long been accustomed to see in you an exceptionally respectable housewife, wife and mistress? Why not try to whip him up a little. How to do it, we will tell further.

Light a fire

If among the goals are not scandal and divorce, then the first thing to remember is not to go too far. Dosed jealousy really is a linking relationship, but overdosing is fraught with serious problems.

Here are some effective ways to call it.

Switch attention

If until now you have completely given yourself to a loved one, then divide this time in half.The positive effect will be double: the husband will miss you, and you at this time will have the opportunity to take time for yourself.

What prompted you to take such steps? This thought will pursue the partner constantly. Be prepared for questions of this kind, and answer them honestly: “Everything is exclusively for you, beloved.” Although, most likely, doubts will not disappear anywhere.

Allow more

Not happy with weekly meetings with friends, corporate events with colleagues and fishing for 3 days? What to do? Of course, to prohibit or, at least, minimize their number. But you need to cause jealousy. Then you need to act exactly the opposite.

With pleasure, give your beloved a chance to relax with friends and do not hinder even the most annoying hobby. Moreover, it will be good if you give him a suitable gift with a smile and joy or stroke the pants and the “exit” shirt in advance.

When you see in the eyes of surprise and misunderstanding, kiss, wish a wonderful holiday and share your plans for this time. There will be no way back, and most of the time the spouse will definitely think about why this wife would stop scandals on the usual occasions.

Many affairs

Good advice - get yourself some hobbies.After all, you can not only be jealous of another man. Go to some courses, attend master classes, sign up for yoga or dance. This will reduce your stay at home. But make sure that there was clean and tasty cooked.

Suspect the spouse can do anything, while you are not at home, but in any case it is impossible that his lips flew accusations that you are a bad mistress.

Buy flowers

Yourself But under the pretext of a gift from a secret stranger. Definitely be jealous husband. Your task in this case is to depict the maximum innocence and misunderstanding, they say, “I can’t even imagine who could send it.”

In most cases, the spouse himself will bring a bouquet after that.


The first way is to speak quietly. No need to do it all the time, once or twice a night would be quite appropriate. Well, if at this time you still leave the room. But be careful, very soon the spouse's jealousy can make him bring you to clean water. Be prepared to have arguments in your defense.

Another option for those who are used to grab the phone when you first call from a loved one. Learn the "rule of five rings", and only after they have lifted the receiver.Let the man get lost in conjecture, what can be so important is his wife that he can not immediately answer him.

The desire to cause jealousy usually lies in the desire to return the former love - passionate, passionate. But do not overreach so that the good goal does not turn into a problem. Love you and understanding!

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