How to make hair gorgeous, perfect

How to make hair gorgeousHow to make hair perfect and gorgeous

To have smart hair, like Hollywood stars, many girls dream. But unlike well-known actresses, they do not have an army of stylists who make sure that their hair always looks amazing. But this is not a reason to get upset. With certain efforts, any girl will be able to brag of beautiful and healthy hair. Useful tips to help you.


Perfect and gorgeous hair is easy!



If the state of your hair is far from ideal, then before buying a variety of medicated shampoos, balms and masks, you should undergo a full medical examination. Dull, lifeless hair can be a signal that not everything is in order in the body. Hormonal imbalance, chronic, inflammatory and other diseases can adversely affect the hair. If you find any health problems, you first need to fix them, and then do hair restoration.And, perhaps, their condition will improve during the treatment of the disease.


Sometimes the cause of dull, split ends can be improper care. Using unsuitable shampoos, frequent use of hair dryers, curling irons, straightening irons can make hair dry and brittle. To avoid this, you need to wash your hair only with products suitable for your hair type. Try as little as possible to use various devices for laying. If you cannot do without them, then before that you apply thermal protective agents to your hair: mousses, foams, serums, etc.


Protect your hair from direct sunlight, strong wind, and frost. In the summer on a sunny day, it is better to wear a light hat or a hat on your head. And in winter wear hats.


Do regular medical or prophylactic procedures. For example, after each shampooing, you can rinse your hair with infusion of herbs. This makes the hair shiny and strong. And to strengthen the hair you can make the next mask. Mix colorless henna, cocoa powder with cinnamon and cloves, dilute the mixture with water and add a few drops of vitamins A and E.Apply the mask to clean, damp hair, top cover with plastic wrap, and then with a towel. After two hours, wash your head well.


Eat right. Eat more fruits, vegetables, herbs, lean meat, fish. These products contain many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for hair to be thick, healthy and shiny. You can, in addition to nutrition, take special vitamin-mineral complexes.


Give up bad habits. Smoking, excessive use of alcohol in a short time can turn the finest hair into lifeless and dry. Also try to avoid stressful situations, fully get enough sleep. Now you know how to make your hair better so that it is chic and almost perfect.

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