How to make fruit sugar?

Instead of regular sugar, you can use more healthy and fragrant fruit. Try to make it at home!

Fructose preparation

How to make fruit sugar? It is almost impossible to get it from fruit at home, but you can make a product with properties close to fructose.


  • 200-250 g of natural honey;
  • glass of water;
  • 750-800 g of granulated sugar.


  1. First sugar must be turned into powder, chopping it in a coffee grinder.
  2. Boil the water and cool it, mix it with the obtained powder and honey. All components are thoroughly mixed and placed in any container, for example, in a jar with a lid.
  3. Close the jar and remove. Infuse the mixture for eight days, and stir it daily three times with a wooden spatula or a stick.
  4. In the process of cooking, the sugar will be broken down into glucose and fructose, and you will get a kind of fruit sugar.

Uzbek Navat

Navat is Uzbek fruit and sugar delicacy, which can also be made at home.To do this, mix the granulated sugar with freshly squeezed grape juice in approximately equal proportions. Move this composition to a thick-bottomed saucepan and cook over a not very high fire, so that it boils down, diminishes and thickens.

Now the most interesting. Prepare a cauldron or other large tank, place some ropes in it so that they evenly cross the space. Now pour in the sugar-grape mixture and wait. The composition will crystallize around the filaments and turn into a kind of grape sugar.

Lime sugar

This recipe will allow you to cook flavored lime sugar. It will take about 0.5 kg of sugar, one or two limes, a knife and tracing paper.

Process description:

  1. Remove the zest (green part of the peel) from the lime, chop it with a knife or another method.
  2. Spread the zest on the tracing paper and dry for twenty minutes in the oven at 50 degrees. The peel should harden.
  3. Mix the sugar with the dried zest, close tightly and leave for a week so that it absorbs the aroma and essential oils from the zest.

It is worth noting that the benefits of fruit sugar are much more than usual, and the taste surpasses it absolutely.But do not abuse this product.

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