How to make curls?

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How to make curls?

Any girl wants to be beautiful. Hair - the main decoration of a woman, so many want to be the owners of beautiful curls. And it is not necessary for this to go to a beauty salon, because chic curls can be done independently! There are lots of ways to make curls itself. Let us consider in more detail each of them.

Curls always remain in fashion, because it is always incredibly beautiful and feminine. Hair can be straight from nature or curly, but in any case, often want to change the curls, for example, from smaller to large. In order to make curls on the hair need special fixtures. In specialized stores today you can find a lot of accessories for curling hair at an affordable price. This and curling, and all kinds of curlers and irons.

How to make curls ironing

You will need quite a bit of time to make curls in this way. Before curling, do not forget to protect your hair by applying a thermal protective agent to it. It is also necessary to clamp, because any perm begins with the lower strands, and that the upper hair does not interfere with your curls with a straightener, they must be stabbed.It should also be noted that this method of waving will look particularly impressive on long hair. Do not forget that the hair must be perfectly dry!

Technique of creating curls-helix using a rectifier:

  1. Pinch the strand at the roots of the hair.
  2. Lower the iron so that it is upright.
  3. Turn it in a semicircle (the hair should be screwed onto it).
  4. Pull the hair smoothly down to the bottom so that there are no wrinkles on the hair.

Technique of creating classic curls:

  1. Pinch a strand of hair with an iron at a distance of about 7 cm from the roots.
  2. Wrap the end of the strand through the top plate.
  3. Turn the rectifier in the direction of the head.
  4. Holding it in a horizontal position, pull the strand, as a result you can make beautiful curls!

Charming little curls

Small curls look beautiful on both short and long hair. Such curls create a playful and vivid image, which girls often dream of. In order to make fine curls, usually used papilotki, which are elongated cylinders of foam rubber, inside which is inserted a flexible metal rod.Interestingly, the original file was made from paper. Today there is a huge selection of a wide variety of papillotok, whose length varies from 20 to 25 cm, and the diameter - from 8 to 10 mm.

Before you start curling you need to wash your hair and dry a little. On moist hair, apply a fixative gel or hair foam. Start spinning the strand on the papillo should be from the end, holding it perpendicular to the tightly stretched strand. Fix papilotki at the roots of the hair in various ways, it is written in the instructions for them. Thus, you can make curls without curlers, without damaging the hair with curling irons and irons. Usually papilotki leave on the hair all night. It is convenient to sleep with them, as they are soft and do not crush. In addition, such curls look extremely natural and can hide, for example, an unsuccessful haircut. It should be noted that combing them is not desirable. After removing the papillotok, just separate the hair with your hands and fix with additional hairspray.

How to make curls curling

Curling iron - this is exactly the hairdressing tool, which must be in the arsenal of every girl.Curling irons come in all sizes. If you want the curls to be small, the curling iron should be of a smaller diameter. Large diameter curlers are used for large, large and elegant curls. You should also know that the thinner you take the strand, the stronger the curl will be. If you take more massive strands, you will have an effect similar to salon styling. Do not combine thick and thin strands - it will be ugly!

You should prepare your hair before you start curling. They should be well combed and washed. Heat a good curling iron and in any case do not use it on wet hair. You should start curling with the lower strands, gradually moving to the top. With the help of curling, you can make long curls (on long hair) or, on the contrary, on short ones. Any styling using a curling iron will look natural and spectacular!


Smart curls with a curler

Curlers are an easy way to become the owner of chic curls. Hair curlers come in several types:

  • Velcro;
  • Thermo curlers;
  • Boomerangs;
  • Koklushki.

Curlers can be of various diameters. The sticks are either wooden or plastic sticks, which are attached with rubber bands.With their help, you can achieve spectacular styling, if you combine bobbins of small and medium size or medium and large. Heated hair rollers are the fastest way to curl hair, because they do not need to be left overnight. And boomerangs are very flexible, and curls can be made of different lengths!

In order to curls turned out beautiful, you should know that curlers curl should be in the same direction as the growth of hair. Before you start to curl your hair with curlers, you must first moisten them and apply a mousse or foam in order to fix the hair and ensure a good effect to curls.

Read more about using thermal rollers in the article How to use thermal rollers.


Today on the Internet you can find the answer to the question of how to make curls. A video can help you with this. Beautiful curls, as you can see, can be made independently and it does not require any special efforts. Be beautiful and spectacular!

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