How to make a ring out of a coin?

Natalia Kozlova
Natalia Kozlova
August 18, 2014
How to make a ring out of a coin?

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How to make a ring out of a coin?

Girls love to receive various jewelry as a gift, for example, rings. It is no secret that a gift made by yourself is valued especially. Read more about how to make such a gift, written in the article How to make rings. In this article we will explain how to make a ring from a regular coin.

Materials and tools

From the materials we need a coin: it can be 10 rubles, 1 dollar, 1 hryvnia. These coins have the right size and they are quite soft. In addition to coins, you will need:Coin Ring

  • sandpaper of different grain sizes - from 400 to 1200 units;
  • polishing paste;
  • electrical tape or tape;
  • a piece of felt.

List of tools:

  • anvil (piece of steel, iron ruler, etc.);
  • jewelry hammer or spoon;
  • drill with a drill;
  • pliers,
  • milling cutter.

Instruction: how to make a ring from a coin

Making a ring out of a coin is not as difficult as it may seem. To do this, you need only the listed tools and materials, and also patience and accuracy.The procedure is as follows:

  1. Put the coin on the edge on the anvil and begin to gently tap the spoon on the coin, holding it and rotating it evenly. The edge will begin to bend. The more even the strokes are, the more beautiful the ring will be.
  2. Having received the edges of the coin of the desired width, inspect the coin, check its shape and size. If necessary, we correct it.
  3. In the center of the coin we drill a hole. As soon as the drill went through it,Coin RingStop the drill so that the drill bit is stuck in the hole.
  4. Holding the coin by the drill, we begin to polish the edge with the sandpaper. We take first the roughest emery, ending with the most subtle. Then apply the polishing paste on the felt and bring the surface to perfection.
  5. We clamp the coin with pliers. In order not to damage the polishing, we twist the ends of the pliers with tape.
  6. Holding the coin with pliers, we ream the hole in the center with a roller to the desired diameter.
  7. We make a polishing mill out of felt, apply polishing paste and polish the inner surface. The ring is ready!

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