How to make a red bridal bouquet?

Choosing a wedding bouquet is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Even determine the color is not easy. And if you still have not chosen the appropriate shade, then pay attention to the red. Such a bouquet will definitely hit everyone outright!

Red is the color of love

Indeed, the red color symbolizes true love, sincere feelings and passion. So for a wedding this shade is quite suitable, especially if the bride and groom love each other passionately.

Who is suitable?

Red is a pretty bright color, so the bride should be ready for the fact that almost all looks will be directed at her. And if she is modest, she may experience discomfort because of this. But the girl is courageous, passionate, assertive and confident in herself will be "at ease".

What dress will be combined?

Since red is a rather active color, the dress should be interesting and bright. If it is too simple, it will simply fade against the background of the bouquet, but this can not be allowed.And therefore it is worth paying attention to interesting models, such as “fish” or “mermaid”.

Also red will favorably emphasize the femininity of the A-silhouette or fitted dress. Lush models are also relevant, but not too pompous. But it is better to forget about gentle and romantic dresses, such qualities do not match the passion of red.

As for the color of the dress, the ideal option would, of course, be white. In this case, the red will be especially bright and catchy. But also such shades as ayvor or champagne will approach. With other colors, such as lilac, blue or pink, red will not be combined.

What colors can be compiled?

If you want to learn how to make a red wedding bridal bouquet, then first, find out what colors it is best to make. What to choose, so that the bouquet was perfect?

The most suitable options:

  • Roses are a classic that will never go out of style. They will symbolize the passion and emphasize the femininity and brightness of the image of the bride.
  • Tulips are associated with spring tenderness and symbolize conjugal fidelity. Ideal for a dreamy and tender bride.
  • Red orchids are wealth and luxury. So if you choose a gorgeous dress, be sure to complement it with these colors.
  • Amaryllis - incredibly beautiful and bright flowers, representing decisiveness and emphasizing the beauty and femininity.
  • Red callas are a great option for those who appreciate originality. With them, the image of the bride will definitely be unique.
  • Peonies look soft and bright at the same time. They will help to create an interesting volumetric bouquet and will delight you with their subtle pleasant aroma.
  • Red anemones look like flames. These flowers are the personification of passion and trembling.
  • Hortensia will please with its tenderness and give a romantic mood.
  • Germini - bright summer flowers, illuminating their warmth.

Many shades

Red is a loose concept, because there are a lot of shades of this color! If you want to muffle the passion a little and add an image of tenderness, choose lighter tones. If you want to be the center of attention, give preference to bright shades.

If the image should be elegant and a little strict, then pay attention to the deep, rich and dark tones.In addition, you can choose several shades and combine them with each other, this will make an already beautiful bouquet more voluminous and multifaceted.

What colors does red match?

Red itself is rich and bright, so it does not hurt to dilute it. The brightest is the contrasting combination of red and white. If you want to calm a little the tumult of red, then use white as background. Also for the dilution you can use beige, it looks less contrast and more gently.

Do you use greens?

Green will lighten the red flowers slightly, so you can use it. It is desirable to choose small and not too spreading branches of dark shades of green. Bright or too pale do not fit. The first will distract attention from the main color, and the pale ones will simply be lost against the background of red.


Making a bouquet with your own hands, pay attention to the decor, but do not overdo it, because the red color will not tolerate competition. You can use white satin ribbons, they will help make the image more gentle and romantic. Also suitable pearls or white beads. Shining rhinestones, sequins and stones will distract attention from flowers, so it is better to give them up.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations:

  1. Choose flowers that do not wither for a long time, because on the red color wilting will be very noticeable.
  2. If you do not know yet whether the red bouquet will suit you, then in the store take it in your hands, take a photo and look at yourself from the side.
  3. During the shooting, try to keep a red bouquet against the background of the dress. By bringing it close to your face, you risk looking pale.

Let your image be unique! And this will help in this gorgeous red wedding bouquet.

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