How to make a perfect bunch

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

The bundle is a brilliant hairstyle, because it takes no more than five minutes to create it, and the result is so elegant, as if you are going to have a royal wedding in May, and not some American actress there. But if no joke, but with knowledge, then the beams were always in fashion, and it would even be strange to call them irrelevant, since we regularly see this hairstyle on the red carpet on Hollywood stars and do it ourselves out of the shower while cooking breakfast. The bundle looks stylish on any hair, it always helps if you forgot or did not have time to wash your hair or simply smeared your hair after the beach and want to quickly bring them to a decent look. In addition, this hairstyle requires a minimum of styling products and accessories. And summer is just around the corner, and this is where the bunches will be useful to all owners of long hair in order to relieve the heat in the city and beyond it more easily and comfortably.
We suggest you to practice in advance to make different beams: from fluffy and relaxed to ballet and high society,- and feel free to add shine to them due to hair ornaments. Note that some designers bravely add spectacular earrings to this hairstyle - if only, in this way this decoration will be able to see everything!

Pigtail bunch

It will take only a few minutes for such a hairstyle, and you will receive compliments throughout the day - we guarantee this to you. By the way, such a romantic bundle should be considered as a wedding hairstyle, adding to it even more sparkling jewelry for the hair.

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