How to make a paper mouse?

December 19, 2014
How to make a paper mouse?

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How to make a paper mouse?

Making figures from paper will help to have a good time and entertain the child. The art of origami offers a huge number of schemes for the execution of a wide variety of objects, animals and plants. Consider one of these schemes: how to make a mouse out of paper.

Instructions for folding the mouse

We need a square of paper 15x15 cm, color on the one hand and white on the other.

  1. Put the square color side down. Fold it diagonally, iron the fold and unfold it.
  2. 2 sides of the square are bent to the intended line from one corner.
  3. Rotate the work so that the white corner is on top.
  4. We outline the middle line of the figure: combine the lower corner with the upper one, iron the fold and unbend it.
  5. Top white corner fold down to the border of color and white.origami mouse
  6. Bend the entire white part back and turn the workpiece on the other side.
  7. The left and right corners are bent to the center (there is already a line drawn). Again unbend.
  8. According to the lines obtained, the lateral angles are bent inward.
  9. Fold back all the white part of the work. Turn over to the other side.
  10. Up we bend the bottom corner along the border of color and white. Unbend.
  11. Fold the figure in half. The whole white part was inside.
  12. On the back of the mouse there is a line that we have just outlined. To this line, fold the tail down and unbend.
  13. We bend the tail inwards.
  14. Make the tail narrower: fold the sides inwards. To do this, open the tail and fold both edges to the vertical line. Again, "close" tail.
  15. The body of the mouse from the bottom is bent inward on each side.
  16. Tail curved out and back. We fold both halves forward so that the tail becomes even narrower.
  17. The tip of the nose is turned inside out by a triangle.
  18. Open the ears (flatten them with pockets).
  19. Slightly twist the tail and draw the eyes of the mouse.

Done! The mouse should have friends - a cat and a dog.

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