How to make a multi-level suspended ceiling

You will need
  • - drywall;
  • - perforator;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - rack profile;
  • - guiding profile;
  • - suspensions;
  • - dowel-nails;
  • - intermediate profile;
  • - construction cord;
  • - level;
  • - scissors for metal.
Draw a detailed plan for a multi-level ceiling.
Mount a single-level ceiling. To do this, mark the position of the guides on the walls with a level and building cord. Attach the guides to the wall along the marked lines by making holes with a perforator and hammering in the dowel-nails. The recommended mounting step is one meter.
Prepare the rack profile by cutting it into pieces of the required length using metal shears. Insert the ends of the profile into the guides and secure with screws. The distance of the first profile from the wall is 30 cm. Install the remaining carrier profiles by analogy, in 60 cm steps. Check the position of each profile using the building level.
Mark the attachment points of the suspensions - they should be installed in 40 cm steps.Secure the hangers using dowel-nails, and bend their "antennae".
Mark and cut gypsum plasterboards. You should know that it is necessary to fix the sheets in a staggered manner. Fastening is carried out with the help of screws, in increments of 25 cm. The heads of the screws are necessary to be embedded in plasterboard to a depth of 1 mm.
Install the first plate. Bend the edge of the sheet and place an intermediate profile under it so that the profile is half covered by the installed slab. Fix the intermediate profile with self-tapping screws.
Install the second sheet of drywall, attaching it to the rack, intermediate and guide profiles. Install the remaining sheets by analogy. If necessary, cut holes for spotlights.
Mark on the assembled ceiling details of the second level, according to the sketch made earlier. Prepare a profile for mounting the second level. In order to bend the profile and give it the desired shape, it is necessary to slightly incise it with the help of scissors for metal.
Attach the profile to the frame of the first level, focusing on the heads of the screws. Install additional stiffeners.
Mark and cut the drywall sheets of the desired shape. You should know that in order to bend the gypsum board at the right angle, it must be wetted. Mark and cut the holes for the lamps. Attach the cut parts to the frame with self-tapping screws. If necessary, make another level by analogy with the second.
Carefully caulk the joining seams. Your multi-level ceiling is ready.

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