How to make a manicure with casting? (13 pictures)

Beautiful marigolds is a business card of a well-groomed and watching a girl. And if the usual varnish coating you already tired, then try something new, for example, manicure with casting. The name sounds quite difficult, but in fact, it is quite possible to create such a nail design even at home.

What it is?

Manicure with casting is a special technique that allows you to create interesting patterns on nails, made as if from cast or forged metal parts.

With rocks

But the metal is definitely not required, its role will be played by foil. Very often casting is combined with the creation of so-called liquid stones, you will also learn a little about them from this article. It looks very interesting and original both in the photo and in life.

What will it take to create a manicure?

So, what will it take to create castings on the nails?

  • Base. It will increase the adhesion of the nail plate with nail polish and make the manicure more durable and durable.
  • Foil.That it performs the function of casting, so that without it you just can not get along. There are two types of foil: translational and non-translational. It is much more convenient and easier to use a translation, since it is thinner and glued to the base. All that is required of you is to first create a pattern on the nail, painting it with varnish, special emulsion or glue, attach the foil, press it and hold it for a while, and then with a quick movement detach the base. As a result, the pattern will remain on the nail. Non-translational foil is also widely used, but casting with it is longer and a little more difficult. There are two options for creating patterns. The first is to cut them out of the foil in advance, and then attach to the nails. This is laborious work, so the quality of the finished manicure will depend on the sleight of hand and the professionalism of the carving. The second option is to cut the foil into small pieces and create prefabricated drawings from them. By the way, the foil can be of different colors. So you can make gold, silver, bronze, platinum and even multicolored or iridescent patterns.
  • Transparent gel, special emulsion or adhesive for fixing foil.The most important thing is that the fixing means should be sticky enough and thick, otherwise the foil will not stick.
  • As the main background, you can use any varnish, but it certainly must be of high quality and durable, since complex patterns will be created on it in several stages. He must endure all the manipulations.
  • You will also need brushes. Prepare a few: a thin (so-called hair), angular, as well as the usual medium. All of them must be of high quality.
  • To speed up the process and improve the effect of manicure, use an ultraviolet lamp.
  • Acrylic gels of different colors will be required to create liquid stones. The combination of several colors will create stones that look like precious and seemingly shimmering in the light. That's very beautiful. Typically, multi-colored gels are covered with stained glass, it allows you to create the effect of crystal or crystal, and this is what we need. And to make the stone convex, use a thick sculptural gel. It will give a natural volume and allow you to achieve maximum realism.
  • To keep all the patterns longer, use a special protective gel.It is advisable to choose a gel without dispersion, so that the light does not reflect from the coating and does not diffuse, and all attention was focused on casting and stones.

How to do?


How to do the casting on the nails? There are many options. But if you have never done such a manicure and have no idea what it is, then it is better to start with simple options in order to understand how to work with foil and hone your skills. We offer several options of different complexity.

Option One


You can make a full coverage of nail casting. To do this you will need:

  • base;
  • non-tear foil;
  • tweezers;
  • emulsion or glue for foil (suitable transparent thick gel);
  • fixing gel.

On the whole nail

Creation method:

  1. First prepare the foil. Just pick it up into small pieces. To create a more original and multi-faceted coating, you can use a foil of different colors.
  2. Cover the nails with basic products and let them dry completely. You can hold them for 3-5 minutes under a UV lamp.
  3. Now proceed to the creation of casting. Start with one nail. Cover it with glue or emulsion and lay out pieces of foil like mosaic elements. Take foil with tweezers, this is a real piece of jewelry.Each piece try to press.
  4. Let the glue dry and cover the nail with fixing gel in one layer.
  5. In the same way, cover the rest of your nails.
  6. Casting is ready!

Option Two


Create chic liquid stones. To do this, prepare the following materials:

  • tear-off foil;
  • basic tool;
  • brushes (medium hair, angular brush, as well as the average natural);
  • black gel;
  • color acrylic gels;
  • stained gel;
  • thick sculptural gel;
  • protective gel (without dispersion).

On short nails

Algorithm of actions:

  1. First, cover the nails with a basic tool and let it dry.
  2. Now take a brush with a hair and black lacquer paint the patterns of the future casting. Remember that you will create liquid stones, so leave room for them. Too thin the patterned lines should not be, otherwise the foil is simply not printed on the nails.
  3. Then you can go directly to the creation of the casting itself. Take a piece of tear-off foil, apply it with a reverse (matte side) to the patterns, gently press it and hold it for a few seconds to grasp, then abruptly tear off. In the same way, create patterns on all nails.
  4. When the patterns are dry, go on to create liquid stones. First, use the corner brush to paint the bottom of the future stone. Make neat strokes so that the colors seem to mix, move from one to another. This will create a spillover effect. Then, after drying the colored gels with an ordinary brush, coat the stone with a stained-glass gel and let it dry. The last stage - the coating of sculptural gel. Do not feel sorry for him that the stone was voluminous. Create stones on the rest of the nails.
  5. Cover your nails with fixative gel without dispersion. Fashionable liquid stones with casting are ready!

Option Three


You can make a cast french. You will need:

  • the basis;
  • clear gel;
  • glue for foil;
  • tear-off foil;
  • fixer;
  • stencils to create a jacket.

How to do? It's simple:

  1. Cover your nails with a base coat. After it dries, apply clear varnish.
  2. Now attach the stencils for the jacket to the nails and cover the edges with foil glue. Do not wait for it to dry out, attach a tear-off foil, hold it a little, pressing it to the nail, and tear it off.
  3. After the foil glue has completely dried (after about 5 minutes), apply a fixative.

Let your marigold be beautiful with the original cast!


Piece of art




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