How to make a house for a cat out of old T-shirts and Hangers

I often saw on the Internet photos of houses and tents for cats, but none of these houses had detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make them! I decided to make a tent house for my cat named Luna and write this instruction with photos so you can do it or better. 😀

How to make a house for a cat

Perhaps this is the easiest house for the cat, which can be done by hand. All you need is a T-shirt, a wire hanger + a piece of cardboard. A nice addition will be the fact that making it will take you no more than 10-20 minutes, and if your cat goes to this house as we have already described in this funny article, i.e. ignore it, you are not too upset because you do not spend too much effort.

Step 1: What you need
White cat sitting on the bed

  • Cat
  • T-shirt
  • A piece of cardboard 15cm * 15cm
  • 2 wire hangers or just wire
  • Masking tape
  • Pins
  • Nippers or something that can cut the wire and bend it - I used a larger pliers. 🙂

Step 2: Cut the hangers

cut hangers

Cut off the top hook at the hanger.I pre-untwisted it, but in fact it was not necessary.

Step 3: Beat the wire and prepare the cardboard

make a house for the cat with their own hands

foundation for cat house

First, straighten the wire, make it as even and smooth as possible. Then bend each in the shape of an arc as in the photo. (My Lou is closely watching the work.)

I also pasted a pasteboard (also called paper) with cardboard edges for greater strength. This is necessary if you use corrugated board.

Step 4: Holes

holes in cardboard prepared for a cat house

Make holes in the corners of your cardboard base. You can do it with the same coat hanger or awl.

Do not indent the edge more than 3.5cm, it should not be too large.

Step 5: Connect the Wire

frame for cat's house

Framework for cat's house

We cross two arches from a wire. Make sure that the ends of the wires are on the same plane. After that, properly wrap the crosshairs with adhesive tape to fix the arc.

Pass the ends of the arcs through the holes in the cardboard, which you have done in the previous step.

Step 6: Fix the Frame

wire passed through cardboard

taped wire ends

Bend the wire that protrudes from the cardboard base. This piece is desirable to make at least 2.5 cm. Do this at each of the four corners.

During the sticking of this tip with scotch tape, make sure that it fits snugly to the cardboard and that it is completely sealed with scotch tape so that it will not cling to the T-shirt in the future.

Step 7: Frame Ready

carcass of cat lodge

The frame for the cat's house is almost ready. At this stage, you can correct the spoil so that the house looks better. You can use pliers.

Step 8: Create a house

cat house from t-shirt

make a house for a cat

we pin the tent for the tent with pins

the cat wants to get to his new home as soon as possible

house for cat made by hand

Pull the T-shirt over the frame and position it so that the hole for the head is in the middle of the front wall of the homemade house.

Protruding the bottom of the shirt tuck down under the bottom of the house. Then tuck the sleeves of the T-shirt in the same way.

Tighten the sleeves and the tucked portion of the t-shirts with pins to fix them in place.

As you can see in the last photo, the fabric is pretty tight on the frame. Try to do the same.

(I know that it was possible to shorten the T-shirt, but I decided not to touch it and fix it with ordinary pins so that in the future it would be easy to take it off and wash it. 😀)

Step 9: Run the cat!

Cat enjoying new home

As you can see, I was lucky and my cat liked her new home. Just in case I put some catnip inside.

I would be glad to discuss with you this work in the comments or see photos of your houses for the cat.

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