How to make a greeting card with your child

What is required for a greeting card

It will take quite a bit, namely:
- color cardboard;
- scissors (even better if they are with curly edges);
- napkins or thin paper of different colors (4 pieces);
- color cardboard;
- glue stick or PVA;
- a simple pencil and ruler.

How to make a postcard

To begin with, you need to determine the composition of the future postcard with the child. Then cut out the basis for it from colored cardboard. If you make it curly scissors, the edges will get a pattern. Its size may be different. For example, 150x200 mm. This card will fit in the envelope. Attach another rectangle on top of this base. The combination of colors of these parts can be anything. So the card will be more voluminous and colorful.
Thin paper or tissue should be divided into four parts. From it in the future should get the flower petals.Therefore, it is better not to cut and tear the paper. So the edges will be uneven and more voluminous. Now in the shops there is a huge range of decorative materials, and choosing something you like is not difficult.
The result should be 16 pieces of colored paper. They may be different in color. And can be sustained in a single scale. It all depends on the taste of the child and parents. Now you need to make petals. To do this, the paper needs to be folded so as to make a bag. In shape it will resemble a cup of a flower. This will be the petal. With such work the child will just cope.
Glue is squeezed onto a sheet of cardboard to indicate the center of the composition. This will need to consistently paste all the resulting petals. The closer to each other they will be glued, the more lush the flower will turn out. Now you need to cut out the paper stem and leaves.
There may be several such colors. It all depends on the imagination and the size of the postcard. Here you can write congratulations and decorate the flower with various decorative details: ribbons, rhinestones, beads. It all depends on the taste and style chosen. And, of course, from the addressee.You can put flowers in a vase or basket, also cut from colored sheets of paper.
A sheet of white or thin tissue paper is stuck on the back of the postcard. It is used to write congratulations. Text can also be cut from letters. To do this, you need a stack of unnecessary magazines or newspapers. Just first you need to come up with a wish. This card will surely please the person for whom it was created.

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