How to make a face mask with glycerin


Useful properties of glycerin for skin

The active ingredients of glycerin have a beneficial effect on the skin in several ways:

- moisturizing

- disinfection,

- cleansing

- smoothing

- pulling up

- regeneration.

At the same time, glycerol in chemical composition is ideally combined with various substances, which allows you to experiment and create new recipes for face masks.

Mask with glycerin and vitamins

To prepare a mask, buy vitamins in capsules (A, E, PP, B, C) and liquid glycerin in advance at the pharmacy. Take a clean container and add 15 mg of glycerin. Use a thin needle to pierce 8 capsules with vitamins and squeeze out the liquid. Stir the mixture thoroughly with a wooden stick or spoon and apply to a cleansed face. Hold for about 1.5 hours, and then blot with a napkin. During the exposure part of the mask is absorbed, and the excess must be removed. You may feel sticky on your face.Do not worry, because in an hour the upper skin will absorb all the glycerin.

Mask with glycerin and clay

Clay is famous for its properties to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and to narrow pores. Accordingly, the mask of clay and glycerin is ideal for women with oily skin. For the recipe, you should take 3 tbsp. Clay (pink, blue, green) and stir with 1.5 tbsp. glycerol. Then spread the mixture on the cleansed face and wait 20 minutes. Wash off with water at room temperature using a cotton pad. Do not forget that natural clay should be purchased only in specialized pharmacies. Otherwise, you can significantly harm the skin and cause an unexpected allergic reaction.

Mask with glycerin and honey

Bee products are perfectly combined with glycerol, as they are similar in composition substances. Honey has a calming, antibacterial, smoothing and tightening effect. To prepare a mask based on glycerin and honey, prepare 2 tbsp. quality honey (lime, herbs) and pour 1.5 tbsp. glycerol. Next, apply on the skin patting movements. Spread evenly.Allow time to soak in the active ingredients and rinse with water. After the procedure, lubricate the face with a moisturizing or tightening cream and wait until it is completely absorbed.

Masks of glycerin are made courses in two or three days for two months. Please note that the mask is used immediately after preparation, as the fresh ingredients are most useful and active.

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