How to make a boat out of paper?

Ivan Kabanets
Ivan Kabanets
July 20, 2012
How to make a boat out of paper?

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How to make a boat out of paper?

So, for those who do not know or have forgotten how to make a boat out of paper, below is a step by step instruction.

We will create our boat one by one, step by step. Let's start:

  1. We will need a standard A4 sheet - from such ships the best quality ones are obtained.
  2. Next, divide our sheet in half and bend.
  3. Bend the corners of the sheet to each other, as in the manufacture of an airplane.
  4. Next, we bend up the free part of the sheet, which is under the bent corners.
  5. In the same way we bend the second part.
  6. Bend the corners of rectangular stripes inwards, onto a triangle.
  7. In the same way we bend the corners of another rectangle.
  8. We rotate our workpiece 90 degrees and bend it at an opposite angle.
  9. In the part where the corner is two-layered, we bend one layer to the opposite corner of the workpiece.
  10. We turn over the workpiece and bend the second layer to the opposite corner. It turns out a three-layered triangle.
  11. Again, turn the workpiece 90 degrees and bend along.
  12. Expand the ship. To do this, take the corners and pull in opposite directions.
  13. Having developed, we plant a ship in the lower part, expanding dredging.
  14. The product is ready!

Now the paper boat can go on a long voyage!

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